Best Tablet in India- IPAD 3 Review, Specification and Prices

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Best Tablet in India- IPAD 3 Review, Specification and Prices– Best tablet in India or world, call it whatever you want, it is Apple’s iconic IPAD 3 has been launched in India in the Month of April, 2012. Apple’s IPAD 3 is the extension of its IPad series and it comes with advance Retina Display Technology. It has got new processor, which makes it even faster. If you are someone who is not programming something on your laptop, then probably you even don’t need a laptop after having this.

It comes with iOS, SD front HD camera, Apple A5X processor and advance multi-touch LED display. There are few who still compare it with IPad 2 but the matter of fact is that this is the only way forward. IPad 3 delivers great performance and you can get apps for almost everything. So once you have it, you don’t need to open your laptop for most of the activities you perform on your laptop.

Its 9.7 inch led screen is simply awesome and you can use it for variety of purposes. Watching movie or playing games, it is simply superb for all kind of conventional activities. In fact, it is better than your average laptop or tv for watching movies because of its display quality. It comes with 16, 32 and 64 GB storage capacity. Though the battery doesn’t last for very long but probably it’s because of the high resolution display, but I don’t think that is a major disadvantage.

Best Tablet in India- IPAD 3 Review, Specification and Prices

Best Tablet in India- IPAD 3 Review, Specification and Prices








It will get an upgraded iOS 6 in next few months which will add advance features like Siri and Facetime calling. If you are someone who has been looking for a better tablet then you don’t need to look any further and it is a hell of a device. Some of the highlights and specification of the new IPad 3 are;

  1.  Apple A5 duel core with quad core graphics processor.
  2. It has 4G LTE cellular technology.
  3. It has got 5 mega pixels rear camera which can use to take awesome pictures with HD video recording.

It’s pricing starts at Rs 30500 for the basic 16 GB Ipad 3. I am extremely satisfied with its performance and if you are using it, why not share your experience with us.

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  3. The Ipad started this huge tablet movement and they still have the best product.

  4. Good to see Apple has introduced iPad at affordable price. iPad prices are quite comparable to Samsung galaxy tabs now.

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