Best Tablets in India in 2011 & 2012

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Tablet pc market in India has matured a lot in 2011. There are many options available in the market with many releases in the tablet pc segment in 2011 alone. With so many options available, it is natural to get confused. So, I am putting a list of Best Tablet pc in India in 2011 & for 2012 based upon my experiences and opinions (This is not an official rating). I have considered cost, features and user friendliness to rate them. There are other options also which are good but I think these are best five tablet pcs available in India. Please share your thoughts and opinions.

1. Applet iPad — Apple iPad is no doubt the best tablet available in India and anywhere across the globe. When we talk about tablet pc, no discussion can be over without mentioning Apple’s legendary tablet- iPad. Apple ipad is well known for its software compression and acceleration. It has got the best graphics when compared to any other tablet. It is full of entertainment and has immense amount of applications for it.  The latest iPad2 is thinner, lighter and has got advanced features like dual camera for video callings, wifi and 3G etc. Apple iPad 2 is a complete package when it comes to a tablet pc. Its starting price is Rs 29,500 in India.

2. Samsung galaxy – Samsung Galaxy is the next tablet which anybody can think of as an Apple iPad alternative. Samsung Galaxy series has done wonders in terms of sales for the company and widely accepted for its features, look and user friendliness. Samsung has recently launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 aka 7.0 Plus in India.  It is officially available at Rs 30,250 but it is also available at lesser prices on online stores. There are varieties of Samsung Galaxy tablets available in India ranging from 7 inch screen to 10 inch.

3. Blackberry playbook – Blackberry has recently dropped the prices of their tablet pc by approximately 50 per cent. With the new prices, Blackberry tablet’s known as Playbook are definitely one of the best deals available in the market. These are high end tablets meant for high end users but available at very cheap prices. The 16 GB version of playbook is now sold at Rs13, 490 and 32 GB version is available at Rs 15,990. The earlier prices for 16 gb playbook were Rs 27,990 and for 32 gb version it was 32,990.  As far features are concerned, blackberry playbook is as good as any other tablet in the market but what separates them apart, is their new price tag.


4. Ubislate 7+ — Ubislate 7+ is advanced version of Aakash tablet. It has got an exceptionally good response from public. Though Ubislate 7+ is not as good as other tablets like blackberry Playbook or Samsung Galaxy but their its pricing is very attractive and its manufacturers are expecting a huge sales figures for it. To read its detailed review, click here.


5. Motorola Xoom – Motorola Xoom is another high end tablet which has been successful globally.  Like Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom is also powered by Android and is full of features. Access to Android market makes both tablet quite similar but when you will use them, you will realize that both have got their own flavor.  Large 10.1-inch screen with 1280×800 widescreen HD resolution display along with other features have been its USP.  It is priced around Rs 35000 in Indian Market.

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