Business analyst-Product owner-Scrum master interview questions

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Business analysis & Scrum course

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Are you searching for business analyst, product owner or scrum master jobs? If yes, this post will help you.

Business analyst, product owner or scrum master jobs are in great demand. You can search any job portal like linkedin jobs, Naukri, indeed or glassdoor, you will find tons of business analyst, product owner and scrum master jobs.

In this post, I am going to just scratch the surface, but you will get the direction you need to pursue. I am not going to provide answers because when we read answers, chances are you will not retain half of it. And even when you retain something, you might not get the concept.

You will just memorize it. But problem with that approach is if you encounter an altered form of questions, you may not be able to answer it. Altered or indirect questions are very common when interviewer is looking to understand that do you have a real hand on experience or just theoritcal knowledge.

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For example.

Direct question- How do you prioritize requirements?

Indirect question (altered question)- I have 10 requirements, how should I decide which one to select for implementation?

Now to answer the above questions, you not only need to know the concept of prioritization but also techniques used for prioritization and its application.

In indirect questions, you are given a scenario where you need to apply your knowledge and come up with the answer.

Therefore, I am only giving you the questions in the form of this quiz. You can leave your questions in the comment if you get them wrong or have any doubt. I will answer you and help you with the concepts.

In this quiz, I have included questions on business analysis & scrum agile which will help business analyst, product owner and scrum masters.

Even if you are just looking for business analyst interview questions, scrum is one of the most common agile philosophy used in the software development world. Therefore, you will always get questions around scrum agile development framework. It’s a must learn and master if you are looking to become a BA in current world.

Business analyst, product owner or scrum master roles are non-technical roles in tech industry. This makes them easier and tougher at the same time. Anybody can apply with a proper background but at the same time, you need to have certain sense/acumen to clear these interviews and perform effectively.

It is not like 1+1=2, it’s like sometimes it is 1+1=2 and sometimes it is 1+1=11 (in management context).

Therefore, you need to be very thorough with the concept and need to develop a framework to answer these questions.

A lot of times interviewer judge you based on your knowledge with direct and indirect questions. And a lot of time interviewer judge you based on “HOW YOU BREAKDOWN A SITUATION AND COME UP WITH SOLUTION”.

Because these roles deal with very high degree of ambiguity and most of your time goes into communication, stakeholder management and coordination with different people to bring them on board.

Therefore if you are looking to become a business analyst, product owner or scrum master, you need to not only master theoretical knowledge but also get hands-on with the BRD, solution documents, requirements, user stories, product backlog and delivery.

As there are lot of soft skills to acquire, you need to think like a business analyst, product owner or scrum master. Therefore, if you do not have much experience in these roles, I will suggest you get a mentor who can work with you and guide you.

Mentor can coach you and train you to think like these roles and you will get the feeling on how these roles operate in real world.

Therefore, please answer the quiz and review your answers. Please leave your comments with your doubts or questions.

Also see if you can respond to any questions raised by others because that is best way to learn and sharpen your skills.

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