Cheap and Best Web Hosting

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Cheap and best web hosting

Cheap and best web hosting

Cheap and best web hosting is the most critical part in setting up your internet based business enterprise. Hosting is like home for a website. As we understand the importance of the home, it is easy for us to understand the importance of the hosting service you choose for your website. Web hosting is the engine of the website. There are many hosting service providers out there. This causes more problem than solution as you don’t have the clarity and number of web hosts adds ups to the confusion.

It is imperative to select a web host with long term view as it can seriously impact your website’s performance. Basically there are three types of web hosting accounts;


  1. Shared web hosting
  2. Virtual private server hosting
  3. Dedicated server hosting

All of them are meant for different purposes and you should carefully choose the right kind of hosting required for you. Each hosting packages comes at a cost and as you move from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting via virtual private server hosting, cost increases. So it is important for you to analyze your own need and choose the right one for you. If you are just starting up or your current website doesn’t have much of traffic, then you should start with shared hosting.  Shared hosting is cheap and best web hosting services for new or websites with less traffic.

If you select VPS or Dedicated server hosting, then you will end up paying unnecessary extra amount on hosting services. Traffic is the key factor for selecting hosting services. Along with the traffic load, another factor which you should carefully consider is your acquaintance with the technical aspect of hosting.

Shared hosting’s are fully managed so you don’t have to do anything but if you are planning to upgrade to Virtual private servers (VPS) or dedicated server hosting then you should also look at Managed or Non-Managed account. If your account is managed by your service provider then you won’t have to do the setup, back up and other required activities but if you are using an account which is not managed by your service provide then you are going to be responsible for doing everything related to your hosting account.

Most of us may need help in managing hosting in some point of time, so it is better to go for managed hosting accounts rather than going self-managed hosting account where you may have to spend extra money in case you need some help from your service provider. Godaddy and Hostgator are the best webhost for shared hosting services. They are providing economical packages, good uptime and good customer support.

As far as VPS hosting is concerned, Hostgator is better as they provide economical managed packages. Their level 3 vps hosting package is fully managed and their customer support is also better than most of the service providers out there. Godaddy is slightly expensive. For dedicated hosting also, Hostgator, Liquidweb and Inmotion hosting are good.

Dedicated hosting is required for websites with extremely high traffic so if your website is having high traffic which is not being supported by your shared hosting account, I will suggest you to consider VPS or Virtual private server hosting rather than going straight for dedicated server hosting accounts.  Finding cheap and best hosting is not very difficult, it’s just that you need to understand your requirement and budget and take decision wisely.

Please share your thoughts or experiences on cheap and best web hosting with us.

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  1. There are many web hosting service providers in the web hosting market. These are really very good tips to select best web hosting service provider. Thanks for this useful information about cheap and best web hosting.

  2. Thank you so much for well and meaningful write up! Actually cheap and best web hosting is acceptable to all but it is not easy to get. I think this content would be helpful for the hosting solution.

  3. Thank u sir, It will do so much help to finding ma service provider for my first website.


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