Getresponse or Aweber-which one should i choose?

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Getresponse or Aweber – In the last few days we have been trying hard to figure out this. This is a very common question faced by those who seek email service provider for their site or blog. There are numerous posts on the internet about this. We too went through a lot of them but couldn’t make our mind. We have been planning to distribute EBooks on various topics like online business, stock markets and many other topics. So we wanted to have a good service provider so that our campaign can go smooth.

Most of the bloggers prefer Aweber. Aweber is probably the most sought email marketing service provider. Their interface is designed for beginners like me and it was extremely simple to get use to that. Within few hours my campaign was set and going. Aweber has got a feature which is known as “Blog broadcast”.

This is the key deciding factors for many bloggers and site owners. It is extremely simple to set and whenever there is a new post on your site, an email newsletter is sent to the subscribers. They have got good templates and it doesn’t take more than few minutes to set it.

On the other hand, Getresponse has also got this feature and in Getresponse, it is called “RSS to Email”. It does the same job. But Getresponse’s user interface is a bit trickier. It takes more than adequate time to learn it. But once you are use to it, it’s not a big deal.

Getresponse offer a free trial for first month whereas Aweber will charge you $1 for the first month. So I started with setting up accounts on both sites. I started with Getresponse but as their system was tricky it took more time to set my first basic campaign with “RSS to Email” whereas I started on Aweber after Getresponse but I finished earlier on that.

So I started using Aweber. But at the same time, I kept playing with the user interface in Getresponse and got use to it. I must say both are best and it would be extremely difficult and unfair to pick one. They have got approximately same level of support and deliverability.

So if support and deliverability are almost same then what could be other factors which you may think of in an email marketing service? I looked at features and found that Getresponse offers you a storage capacity of 1 GB for your multimedia stuff like eBooks, document, images along with the fact that they also provide you royalty free images which you can use in your campaigns.

Their user interface is a bit complicated to learn but only when you are new. It’s actually not complicated but it has got more features so that’s why it takes more time to learn. They have also got other features like “Email to Speech” which is a very good feature to help you and your subscribers. I couldn’t find these things in Aweber.

So Aweber is probably the best in Blog Broadcast but for me, Getresponse has also got that same feature in some other form. And there are no differences in the quality of services at large but if Getresponse is offering more features and that too at a lower price, why not go for Getresponse? Aweber basic plan starts at $19 with upto 500 subscribers and Getresponse’s basic plan is 1000 subscriber at $ 15. There are also other features in Getresponse like Survey and iPhone application which are not in Aweber. So at the moment, we decided to go for Getresponse without closing our Aweber account. At the moment, we don’t see any complications with Getresponse and we are quite happy with it but if we got any, we will share with you.

Our apologies to our subscriber for the inconvenience they faced due to changing service providers which caused multiple confirmation mails in their inbox.


September-03-2012 update – We have shifted to Aweber. Aweber is the best for bloggers simply because of the Blog Broadcast Feature. Getresponse doesn’t have something like that. If you are not a blogger and want to economical & good option to manage your email marketing campaigns then Getresponse is till recommended for you.

But for bloggers, it has to be aweber.

03/08/2013 update — GetResponse has added feature similar to blog broadcast. So now it is as good as aweber. Read GetResponse Review

04/02/2013 update– GetResponse has added new features like Automated email marketing and landing page creator. Read GetResponse Updated Review

04/30/2013 update– I couldn’t resist the new features of GetResponse and i have switched to them. I am currently using GetResponse and i am extremely happy with them.

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  1. Thank you for the great review. I have been comparing both services and this tips had given me a better views in making decision.


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