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Google has launched a new service called Google Helpouts. Google helpouts is a new, innovative and unique service by google Google helpouts detailswhere you can get instant help by experts on variety of topics.

Google helpouts is not only good for those who are seeking information or guidance about something, but it is also helpful for those who can offer something.

If you haven’t heard of Google Helpouts, click here to visit.

Google Helpouts in Glance

Basically helpouts is a marketplace for those who are seeking some service and those who can offer it.

Some of the services are free and then there are many which are paid.

For example, you wanted to learn English or any other language, you can search for that keyword in google helpouts and it will return result with the details of the experts who are offering it and their pricing.

You can find experts offering services from $1/min to $10/hr. As mentioned earlier, you can use it to learn variety of topics like playing guitar, java programming or cooking chicken curry. It offers a quick and economical way of learning things and yes, if you have something to offer, it could be one of the best thing for you to earn some money.

To make payments, you can use google wallet. Registration is simple and like most of the google services, will work for you if you have a google id.

Pricing will vary from expert to expert. Some of the broad level categories covered by google helpouts are;

  • Art & Music
  • Computers & Music
  • Cooking
  • Education & careers
  • Fashion & beauty
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Health
  • Home & Garden

As mentioned earlier, these are broad level categories and you can find many more in it.

Google helpouts also comes with money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the service then you will get 100% money back. You can directly ask the service provider to provide refund and if you are not happy with it, then you can escalate to the Google.

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