HDFC Standard’s Premium Guarantee Plan

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HDFC Standard’s Premium Guarantee Plan is an insurance plan that comes with twin advantage of protection and return of premiums on maturity. So, you can enjoy life knowing that your family financial independence is secure even in your absence. And your premiums are yours on your survival at maturity.

Policy term period – 10 – 30 periods

Age at Entry – 18 – 55 years

Maximum age at maturity – 65 years


Death Benefit – Sum assured is paid to the nominee of the policy and policy is terminated.

Maturity benefit – On maturity, total paid premiums are paid to the insured and policy is terminated. Charges would be deducted from the total amount, if any.

Tax benefit – Policy owner can avail tax benefit on the amount of premium paid towards this policy.

Surrender Benefit – if premiums have been paid for first three years then policy is eligible for surrender benefit. Charges are deducted from surrender amount like first year premium. Company may also pay higher surrender value but it is company discretion.

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