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Technical Analysis ebookIf you are looking to make real good money in stock market then key is to learn the art yourself.

Technical Analysis has become the biggest weapon for professional stock trader who make money in all seasons.

Its not very hard and just by following simple techniques and with practice, you too can learn stock technical analysis and start making money the way other makes.

Imagine the amount of money you have lost in stock market by following  others.

Now be your expert, invest in yourself.

Stop following others and learn about technical analysis.

Learn Technical Analysis

Learn why stock market moves in a certain fashion and how we can gain out of it.

First step is to do some homework on it, you will find lots of interesting articles on stock technical analysis.

Best method is to get any technical analysis book as information is organized in a order and delivered to you with examples and other necessary details.

Detailed analysis of candlestick charts and it’s formations.

Technical chart patterns and Trend lines.

Emphasis have been given on explaining concepts by using real time charts and least theory.

Stock Technical Analysis Content

  1. All the important charts and technical indicators.
  2. Art of money management.
  3. Type of charts.
  4. Candlestick charts in details and its formations.
  5. Trendlines.
  6. Reversal Patterns
  7. Continuation Patterns
  8. Lagging Indicators
  9. Leading Indicators
  10. How to club them together and use them
  11. How to figure out the entry and exit points.
  12. How to understand the distinguish between Bull, Bear and Sideways trading market

What Not To Expect From Any Book

No book can make you perfect, it is your responsibility to learn it and more important, practice it.


Other Recommended Books on Technical Analysis

1.Martin Pring’s Complete Guide to Technical Analysis: An Indian Perspective

2.A Begineers Guide How to Profit From Technical Analysis

3. The Technical Analysis Course,Meyers

4. Financial Times Guide to Technical Analysis: How to Trade like a Professional

5. Technical Analysis: Power Tools for Active Investors


Sharing is Caring
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  1. Mainak Chatterjee says

    Please me me the file. I am a beginner in stock market.

  2. Thanks, this info has been really useful. I have just bought several books on the subject so hopefully they will be a wise investment.

  3. Thank you so much, this is really helpful. I have just started trading and this will be a great help. I opened an account through trading deals.

  4. Nice info, thanks for the information.

  5. Technical analysis is very important, and you absolutely must learn how to maintain that level of discipline when you are just starting out.

    Ultimately the best investors will be the ones who develop a more natural way of thinking about the markets, and a certain degree of instinctual accuracy, rather than those who stick rigidly to the books — but the books are an excellent start!

    ~Alice Williams
    ~chartered accountants

  6. I’m trying to build up a decent library of books like this, so thanks for the information!

  7. Technical analysis is a tough concept of investing to understand. It is rooted in homework, studying, and discipline. However, becoming a self taught expert is rewarding and a long term investment in yourself. Please visit my link as I have written an article on this as well. John Murphy’s book is the most essential resource on this topic and will replace all others on your book shelf for technical analysis.

  8. Thanks fro the information!!

  9. This post is really nice and informative. The explanation given is really comprehensive and informative. I am feeling happy to comment on this post. I think this is useful information for users-How does the ordinary investor fit into the equation comprising of global factors coupled with manipulation in the stock markets.
    indian stock market tips

  10. anu dubey says

    This is a wonderful book. This is my first book on technical analysis and i can actually experience the difference. It has significantly increase my understanding about stock and their movements. Now i take my picks and test with them. I bought this around 2 weeks and i can say it is the most simplest book.

    • I’d have to acquiesce with you one this suebjct. Which is not something I usually do! I really like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!


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