How to Use Facebook to Make Money

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How to use Facebook to make money

How to use Facebook to make money

How to use Facebook to make money and get traffic for your website? If you have already asked this question to yourself then probably you haven’t got the answer yet and you are here because you have been looking for that. And if you haven’t asked this question to yourself, then you better ask right now.

Even if you don’t have a website, it is very important to look for alternative means of incomes in today’s world and Facebook provides an awesome opportunity to make loads of money.

As we already that Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world and it has grown into a huge super market which provides opportunity to people like you to utilize it for your business and making money online.

There are millions of people who visit Facebook every day for social networking. They spend lot of time on Facebook and that is the place where they discuss about their needs and interests.

It is fairly easy to get your business up and running on Facebook. If you don’t know much about it, then I think its better you learn in detail about it. You can learn Facebook marketing to generate traffic for your website or local business using Facebook.

But just to highlight some of the ways in which you can use Facebook to make money online, let me walk you through some of activities with which you can make money on Facebook.

App Development – if you are a programmer, then you might know that there is a huge demand for Facebook Apps. They are used by millions of users around the world. In fact Facebook recently acquired Instagram for $ 1 Billion. Instagram is a company which makes photo sharing apps for Facebook.

They are very new, around 2 yrs in the market and $ 1 billion is a huge amount. It simply shows the potential this market has. So if you can develop an app then there is a huge market waiting for you but if you cannot then you can think about other options on “How to make money using Facebook”.

Free traffic for your site – Facebook is like blessing for entrepreneurs, local businesses & small businesses. You can use to increase your revenue multiple fold.

if you are running a site but your site is not very successful then you can use Facebook to drive more traffic for it.

As we know keyword research, back links for seo are good but the process is long and boring.

Facebook provides huge opportunity for this also.

You can simply share your site with your friends and gain traffic out of it.

You can gradually start interacting with people having similar interest and then start sharing material with them through which they can be taken to your website.

And if you have a website, then you know that more traffic mean more business.

And if you really want to boost your revenue in short span, you can use Facebook Ads.

Affiliate marketing– Affiliate marketing or internet marketing is extremely popular among those who want to make a living of internet. Facebook is a golden opportunity for them.

You don’t have to go through the process of setting up your website or visiting various forums to do that, Facebook is your one stop solution.

As mentioned earlier, there are millions of people on Facebook with variety of reasons. If you don’t then better check out, there are Fan Pages on Facebook.

A Facebook page is like a web page which can created by anybody in free and can be utilized in variety of ways.

A fan page can used to drive traffic to your existing website; it can also be used to promote your own products or someone else’s product.

And that where comes, affiliate marketing on Facebook.

You can use Facebook fan pages for affiliate marketing.

But first, You should do some market research using Facebook.

You should search the pages in Facebook as per your preferred keywords. Then join them and start interacting with the fellow members on that page. Share your knowledge and information with them.

Then you can start recommending products for similar niche and earn a commission out of that.

For example- you join a fan page which is based on Tennis.

Now you can start sharing information, news and knowledge about Tennis with the people around.

When they are used to you, you can start recommending products related to Tennis like ebooks to learn Tennis.

But make sure that you don’t go on a rampage recommending products. Don’t try to push your products through them; it should be more like advice or recommendation.

To achieve this, make sure that you only promote good and legitimate products and never recommend fake products.

Facebook provide tons of tools like pages, messenger & group to use them for commercial purpose and make money out of them.

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