ICICI Pru LifeTime Premier

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ICICI Pru Life Time Premier is a unit linked insurance plan from the icici prudential life insurance company which offers portfolio strategies for achieving long term investment objectives along with providing life insurance cover with the policy.

ICICI Pru Life time Premier portfolio strategies are;

  • Trigger Portfolio Strategy: For you, maintaining a pre-defined asset allocation is a dynamic process and is a function of constantly changing markets. The Trigger Portfolio Strategy enables you to take advantage of substantial equity market swings and invest on the principle of “buy low, sell high”. This strategy also allows you to protect gains made from equity market investments from any future equity market volatility, in a systematic manner.
    Under this strategy, your investments will initially be distributed between two funds – Multi Cap Growth Fund, an equity oriented fund, and Income Fund, a debt oriented fund – in a 75%:25% proportion. The fund allocation may subsequently get altered due to market movements. We will re-balance or re-allocate funds in the portfolio based on a pre-defined trigger event.
  • Fixed Portfolio Strategy: If you wish to manage your investment actively, we have a Fixed Portfolio Strategy. Under this strategy, you must choose your own asset allocation from any of the eight funds options. You may switch between these funds using the switch option.
Regular Pay Limited Pay
Minimum Premium Rs.18,000 p.a. Rs.50,000 p.a.
Policy Term 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 years 10 years
Premium Payment Term Regular pay 5 Years
Minimum Sum Assured for age at entry below 45 yrs Higher of (10 × annual premium) and (0.5 × Policy Term × annual premium)
Minimum Sum Assured for age at entry 45 yrs & above Higher of (7 × annual premium) and (0.25 × Policy Term × annual premium)
Modes of Premium Payment Yearly
Minimum / Maximum age at maturity 18 / 75 years
Minimum / Maximum age at entry 7 / 65 years

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