Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro Review

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Most of the bloggers and internet marketers fail to make any money from their blogs, forget about making any substantial money. One of the major reason for this is the primary approach where bloggers believe that just by setting up some generic blog, they can make money.

If you want to make money from blogging, then you need to create a blog which worth your visitor’s love and affection. It’s often about traffic but when it comes to clinching deals, it is less about traffic and more about quality traffic. Traffic which is engaging with your blog and visitors who are following you.

The only way you can achieve that is by creating a blog which is able to leave that lasting impact and also, you exploit your blog’s potential to make money.

There are variety of ways of making money from your blog. Two primary methods to make substantial amount of money from your blog is;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing which could be later used to promote your or affiliate products
  • Social media marketing like connecting to your visitors through your Facebook fan page or twitter which be further engaged to create a community which is ready to trade with you.

In order to do anything mentioned above, you need to present your content in a way which is not only attractive but also non-intrusive.

There are enough studies to suggest that your visitors have gone blind to banners and obstructive pop-ups are more than sufficient to annoy your users. Therefore, don’t depend upon banners in sidebars to get clicks, email subscription and likes for your Facebook fan page.

If you generate anything from that, it is a bonus but if you have been in blogging for some time now, then you know banner ads doesn’t deliver anymore.

One of the best way to display your;

  • Affiliate products
  • Landing page links to collect email subscription
  • Highlight your Facebook fan page

Is stripe ads in the header.

Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro Review

Stripe ads are displayed as thin layer at the top of the header.

Stripe ads have proved to be extremely useful in achieving the above mentioned objectives.

As they are thin, they are non-intrusive.

But here is a trick, you just can’t place anything and everything there.

You need to put attractive stripe ads bar and as you need to consistently update it, you will need something which can be used to create and customize awesome stripe ads without putting too much of time and efforts into it.

Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro Plugin Review

Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro is created by maxblogpress (as name suggest). Maxblogpress is one of the most established house in premium wordpress plugins segment. They continuously update their plugins and add new features. In the past, they have created some of the most successful plugins in the history of wordpress plugins. Plugins created by them are;

Maxblogpress Ninja

MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet

MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back

Max Banner Ads PRO

This Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro Review is intended to provide you information about this plugin which I have been using for some time now and you can see a stripe at the top of this blog.

I must share that it has been really helpful in getting email subscribers for my email marketing campaigns.

So let’s review maxblogpress stripe ad pro plugin;

  • You can create attractive stripe ads in seconds without any hassle.
  • You can format it the way you want.
  • You can decide where to show your stripe ad like home page or a particular page or post.
  • You get access to analytics which provide insight information about the clicks and other traffic stats.
  • You can also schedule your stripe ads like to show it after a n number of visits, all the time, show until browser is closed, show every n number of days, show for first n number of visits. You can replace n with any number of your choice.
  • To make your stripe ads more attractive, you can place the button.
  • You can beauty links in stripe which is a very good tactic for affiliate marketing.

maxblogpress stripe ad pro plugin review

maxblogpress stripe ad pro review

review of maxblogpress stripe ad pro

Now let’s look at the number of ways which maxblogpress stripe ad pro be used;

  • You can show affiliate links.
  • You can show the links of your landing page with a message.
  • You can show links to your internal page with a message.

You can do many more things with this awesome little plugins.

Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro Conclusion

It is a beautiful plugin which looks small but can add great value to your blog. Sometime you can say more in lesser words and sometimes, it is best to use lesser words. Promoting your affiliate products and links should be done in a subtle way.

By using these smaller messages, you can communicate to great length with your visitors.

Hope this maxblogpress stripe ad pro review will help in throwing some light on this little mysterious plugin.

Sharing is Caring
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