Why Should You Use Oil Filled Radiators for Room Heating

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Winters are coming and north Indian winters are pretty bad with temperature dropping to close to 0 C and some parts witness even lower temperature. Usage of room heaters is quite common in this part of the world in winters to warm the homes.

Traditional room heaters like single or double rod room heaters are relatively inefficient to handle extremely low temperatures and pose great risk for kids especially infants who tend to touch everything out of curiosity.

Similarly hot air blowers are also not very effective and are bad for health as they reduce the amount of oxygen from air. It has bad effect on the health especially kids. If you are planning to use hot air blowers, then also get room humidifiers to maintain the optimum level of moisture in air.

Oil filler radiators are the best option for your room heating requirements. Oil filled radiators are also known as oil heaters or column heaters.

Oil Filled Radiators and Room Heater

oil filled radiator room heater

Oil filled radiators or room heaters are one of the safest and efficient room heating option for average household. In fact, they are one of the most popular heating solutions across globe due to their affordability and safety.

An oil heater contains metal columns with cavities. Oil flows within these cavities around the heater. There is a heating element at the base of the heater. The oil serve the purpose of a heat reservoir and heat is transferred using convection and conduction among metal walls and surroundings.

There are pretty good options available in the market ranging from Rs5000 and above.

These oil filled radiators are quite safe and most of the provider provide auto off features to shut them in case of a tilt.

Best Oil Filled Radiators or Room Heaters in India

There are many good oil filled radiators and room heaters in the market. I recently purchased one from online portal as they provide huge range to choose from whereas local dealers often have limited option.

You can visit any of the leading online ecommerce provider in India and select one based on your requirements.

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