Top Popular Post Widget Plugins For WordPress

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Popular post widgets are one of the best ways to engage visitors to your blog. It is imperative for you to improve user engagement and reduce bounce rates.popular post plugin for wordpress

Popular post widgets help a lot in achieving that visitors tend to click on these posts in the sidebar assuming that if something is popular, it must be worthy enough of their time.

WordPress users enjoy the freedom of implementing additional features into their blog quickly and swiftly without doing any hard work. With the use of plugins (free & premium), you can add any kind of functionality to a wordpress blog.

In this post we are going to see free wordpress popular post plugins which can help you in improving visitor engagement on your blog and reducing bounce rates.

As mentioned earlier, these plugins are free and can be downloaded from wordpress depository or your admin dashboard with your blog.

So cutting down the chase, let’s go through the list of best popular wordpress plugins

WordPress Popular Post Widget Plugins

Top 10 – Popular posts plugin for WordPress

Top 10 popular post plugin for wordpress is a comprehensive popular post plugin which provide a range of features.

It was recently updated in October 2013 which is a good thing and it has been downloaded by 125613 times.

Top 10 – Popular posts plugin for WordPress Features

Page counter: Counts daily and total page views on single posts, pages and custom post types

Display the count: Customize the text that can be displayed

Show off popular posts: Display a list of daily and/or overall popular posts by page count. You can choose how many posts are to be displayed plus loads of other customisation options

Widget ready: Sidebar widgets available for daily popular and overall popular posts. Highly customizable widgets to control what you want to display in the list of posts

Customisable output:

Output wrapped in CSS classes that allows you to style the list. You can enter your custom CSS styles from within WordPress Admin area under “Custom Styles”

Pick your own HTML tags to use for displaying the output in case you don’t prefer the default list format

Thumbnail support

Support for WordPress post thumbnails

Auto-extract the first image in your post to be displayed as a thumbnail

Manually enter the URL of the thumbnail via WordPress Meta fields

WordPress Popular Posts

It is another one of the most popular plugin in this category. It has been downloaded 643136 times. It was last updated in august 2013 which is good thing as plugin is updated and maintained.

It also support various features and comes with widgets. You can customize time range and criteria to show popular posts based on your preference.

Easy Popular Posts

Easy popular post is also one of the top popular post wordpress plugin which is free and ready to use. It was last updated in July 2013 and has been downloaded 194968 times.

Popular Posts Tabbed Widget for Jetpack

It is another popular post plugin which is quite useful. You can add tabbed widgets which shows most popular, most comments & latest blog posts.

It is quite an important plugin for anybody who is looking for a good plugin with additional features to engage its visitors.

Tabs popular posts and latest posts

It is another useful plugin with tab widgets to show most popular posts on your blog. It has been recently updated and have fair amount of downloads.

These are some of the best popular post plugins for wordpress. It is quite strange that there are not many plugins for popular post widgets. There are few other plugins but they are not updated consistently which may pose security threat to your blog therefore I haven’t included them in this list.

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Please share your views about these wordpress popular post plugins.

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