Scrum Certifications-Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner & Developer

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Are you new to scrum? Or someone who has been working on scrum agile methodology for some time now but yet don’t have any certifications related to it. Getting a scrum certification could be a great way of doing it. Scrum certified professionals have got great demand especially in IT sector.

There is no single authority which can be classified as single authority looking after scrum certifications. We will talk about institutes for scrum certifications later, first we will go through scrum certifications. These scrum certifications can add really great value to your cv.

As mentioned earlier, these certifications are really great for professionals using scrum. If you are new to scrum and need to learn about, click here.

Business analysis & scrum agile certification

Business analysis & Scrum agile certification- business analysis & scrum agile goes hand in hand when it comes to software development project. In fact, when it comes to product owners, a lot of them come with business analyst background. Even when they do not come with business analyst background and they directly join as product owners or product managers, business analysis, requirement management and stakeholder management are some of the most crucial skills required for product owners and product managers.

This course combines business analysis & scrum agile in a modular way where you first learn the business analysis followed by scrum. This course also helps you in getting hands on with BRD and Product backlog assignments where you will have to work on these documents.

This course concludes with an end to end case study. So, whether you are a business analyst, scrum master or product owner, you will find this course useful especially if you are aspiring to get into these roles.

Click here to learn more about it. 

Certified Scrum Master

Scrum master is similar to the project manager under waterfall methodology. I have used this analogy to explain it to you, don’t confuse it with Project Manager.

Role and responsibilities of scrum master is different than project managers.

Scrum master is a liaison between scrum team, scrum product owner and stake holders.

Primary responsibility of the scrum master is to ensure that project is executed under scrum philosophy and team follows the scrum principles.

Scrum master need to facilitate the various sprint events and also, protect scrum team from external requests and disruptions.

Scrum master must ensure efficient communication between scrum product owner and team.

In order to efficiently work as a scrum master, you need to get certification for scrum master.

There are variety of certified scrum master courses available out there. To name few;

Certified scrum master from scrum alliance

Certified scrum master from scrum institute

Professional scrum master from

Above mentioned certifications are for scrum master and you may pick any based on your preference and requirement.

I will suggest you to go through them before you decide any. You can also find scrum and agile courses at simplelearn and knowledgehut.

Certified scrum master is an ideal certification for professionals who have to work with development team and stake holders.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Scrum Product Owner is another pillar of IT projects following scrum agile methodology. Scrum product owners are combination of  business analyst and project manager who are responsible for maintaining requirements. Scrum product owner work;

  • Closely work with scrum team.
  • Maintain product backlog containing requirements.
  • Work/coordinate with stakeholders.

Scrum product owners are responsible for optimizing product value and they conduct daily sprint review to track and monitor work.

Certified scrum product owner certification help you in sharpening your skills as scrum product owner and perform product owner’s job efficiently.

There are variety of certified scrum product owner courses available out there. To name few;

Certified Scrum Product Owner from scrum alliance

Certified Scrum Product Owner from scrum institute

Professional Scrum Product Owner from

As scrum product owners work closely with business and have best understanding of requirement, they should closely adhere to scrum principles.

Certified scrum developer

A developer following scrum agile methodology is required to integrate design, development and testing in a single go. This certification helps in understanding scrum principle and practices which will improve product quality.

Certified Scrum Developer from scrum alliance

Professional Scrum Developer from scrum org

If you need any information about any of these scrum certifications then please your comments.

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