Short term funds

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Short Term Funds are the key to success in current market scenario. Short term funds have delivery good returns for short term and they extremely good for parking your money in turbulent situation like this. Stock markets have gone crazy and are behaving in a way where it has become extremely difficult to predict their next moves. Short term future for stock market is not yet clear but chances of going down are much high than going up.

Short term funds act as a wallet and they not only help in parking money for short term, but also generate good returns to compensate. In fact, they are gradually becoming the flavor of the month. More and more investors are getting interested in them. Short term debt funds extremely good for these kind of situations.

Short term funds are imperative for investors who do not want to take much risk on their investment and at the same time are looking for some returns as well. Debt funds performance has been good and they will continue to perform well in the future also. When market is susceptible to move in any direction, Short term debt funds work better than even balance funds and short term bonds. Short term debt fund is a fund which invest in short-term debt instruments of high quality and low risk that mature in approximately 15 to 18 months and is best for investors with 1 to 2 years of investment horizon.

We have shortlisted some of the best short term debt funds. They have performed very well in the past and are extremely good for investors with less risk appetite. In fact, given current conditions, they are suitable for most of the investors. Current market conditions are good for traders who understand technical stock analysis and are comfortable with charts, patterns, indicators and trends.

Traders with good technical stock analysis knowledge are equipped to ride the rise and fall of the market, but those who don’t understand them, should stay away from this market. So, these are the short term debt funds which investors can use to park their money at the money.

Short term debt funds

Fund Name 1 months return % 3 months return % 6 months return % 12 months return %
Canara Robeco ST 8.6 10.2 9.8 8
DSP BR Short Term 8.4 9.7 9.3 7.9
BNP Paribas ST Income 11 10.3 9.6 7.7
Templeton ST Income 9.2 10.3 10.0 7.5
IDFC SSI – MTP 11.1 13.3 10.2 7.4


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