Social Advertising-The New Way Forward For Traffic and Business

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Social Advertising

Social Advertising is the new buzzword in the online advertising industry. The first decade of century was clearly dominated by search engines in the online world and therefore they were able to attract most of the online visitors. And if there are buyers, there will be sellers. So most of the big to small brands and small website owners were primarily using search engines for their advertising needs. It was helping them but there were complains that pay per click programs offered by search engines like Google Adwords were not very helpful and as there was not any other option, they couldn’t go anywhere else.

Social networking sites have been consistently and gradually increasing their user base and last few years have been clearly dominated by social media sites. Social media has been able to capture the imagination of the online users. Today user spend more time on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ than they spend on search engines. The dis-satisfied advertisers are gradually moving towards social media sites for their advertising needs.

Social media sites especially Facebook has been among the favorites for social advertising. Social advertising is more effective than banner campaigns. There are studies which indicates that web visitors often ignore various banners placed on a website so the conversion rates has been really poor. Social networking sites offer a great platform for big to small advertisers. From geography to interest, everything can be targeted and as people spend lot of time on them, conversion rates are better.

Social advertising has gradually grown in the last few years and pace has increased in last couple of years. Current trend indicates that more and more online marketers are shifting towards sites like Facebook. Biggest factor still is the kind of product you want to advertise but if it is something which is meant for consumption by the masses, social networking sites look like a better option.

Social networking sites like Facebook also offer additional benefits like a fan page. Facebook fan pages have played a huge role in attracting marketers toward them. They can not only advertise their products on them but also through Fan page they can enhance and improve their customer engagement. In fact, there are many on Facebook who promote their Fan page instead of website because it helps them in acquiring and retaining customers.

There are statistics which proves that Fan page on Facebook has been really great for conversion rates. They help in brand awareness and building also. Other social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter has been also quite successful in attracting advertisers towards them. Social advertising seems to be here for some more time at least till something new and better come up in the market. What do you think? Have you ever done social advertising or plan to do in the future? Please share your thoughts with us.

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