Future of IT shares in India

Future of IT shares in India-USA is again going through tough times or rather it can be said that it is still struggling to come out of the financial crisis which started in 2008. US debt crisis are still haunting US economy and companies across the country are finding it hard to sail through it. […]

Best or worst for stock Market

Best or worst for stock market in India is lying in the middle of the top and bottom of the current levels. Market has been going through a tizzy in last few weeks and it has become extremely difficult for average investors to keep hold of that.  US debt issue has flared the global market worries. […]

Short term investment strategy

This year has seen a lot of upsurge in stock market. If 2008 was a year of great fall, sorrow and depression, 2009 has seen the confidence coming back to streets. Things were looking in a good shape and today they look even better. but we need to ask one question, ‘Are they really in […]

OECD outlook for Indian Economy indicates a slow down

The Organization for Economic cooperation and development indicates a slow down for Indian economy in the coming period. The January composite leading indicator (CLI) grew at the whole and indicated a positive scenario for most of the Europe and the developed world. Italy is the only major economy in Europe which can witness down turn. […]

Impact of Japan crisis on Stock Market

As news of nuclear radiation leakage in Japan is spreading across the globe, concerns related to socio-economical status of the country are also growing. Nuclear reactors in Japan were damaged by the massive earthquake and Tsunami which has hit the country last week. Initially picture was not clear about the damage which it has caused […]

Breather for market

Stock markets ended on a high note after crude prices eased up and fallen to 100 dollars per barrel. BSE Sensex closed at 18439.48 up by 265.39 points and NSE Nifty closed at 5531.50 up by 86.05 points. Rise in stock market came as a breather for the investors who were having a tough time. […]

Stock Idea- Voltas LTD

In the series of our stock pick, I now present Voltas. Voltas has gone through a lot of beating. Stock Market at large has been go through a lot of pain. Turmoil in middle east, economical recovery in the west and series of scams are mainly responsible for that. There are lot good stock which has […]

IIP numbers analysis

IIP number for the month of January 2011 has been released. They stand at 3.5 per cent against 1.6 per cent of the December. They are better than expected. Manufacturing output which constitutes about 80 per cent to the total IIP data is increased to 3.3 per cent. Indian export has also increased to $20.6 […]

Is recovery in west bad for Indian stock market?

With the economical recovery in western countries, especially Europe, Indian stock markets are witnessing a withdrawal of funds by Foreign Institutional Investors. FIIs investment in January 2011 was 48 per cent lesser than their investment in the same period in 2010. Analysts are busying in stock picks but if FIIs continued to shift their funds from Indian […]

Political instability hitting at stability of the market

Middle East has been under the grip of turmoil for some time and here in India, country has been under the grip of political scams and scandals. Unrest in Middle East is triggering the crude price spurts and political instability in India is triggering economical instability. Middle East has been under fire for some time. […]