How To Get Traffic From Facebook

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Facebook is the biggest social networking site and it is used by most of us in some way or other. Probably you too have been using it for personal and professional purposes.

Are you a blogger or webmaster who has been trying to get traffic from Facebook, but of no avail?

facebook traffic

facebook traffic is the key

Facebook is a goldmine and if you can use it well, it can generate huge amount of traffic and thus, money for you.

If you are already doing well, then you don’t need to worry but if you are then you should seriously start thinking about it as others are rapidly growing on these sites and you are falling behind.

In technology and business, there are bonuses and gifts for early birds and penalties for the late comers.

But it’s better late never than never so if you haven’t focusing on Facebook traffic, then you should start doing that.

Facebook Traffic For Blogs & Business Sites

Principal of social media marketing remain same and Facebook is not an exception. You need to;

  • Socialize, make friends and interact (positively)
  • Good and informative profile
  • Attractive Timeline design

Few simple steps to get traffic from Facebook are;

Clean and Attractive Fanpage –you need to create facebook page which is clean and at the same time attractive enough to grab the eyeballs of your visitors. You should have a timeline related to your blog and site. You should utilize the space available to you. Write a rock solid description of your blog or site. You should also mention the link of your blog in the description.  If you are serious about facebook marketing, then your facebook fan page is the foundation of that. So create facebook page which matters for your audience.

Images, Videos and Memes – Facebook is not like Twitter. You can do whole lot of things like uploading videos, images and memes in a different way than Twitter. I have seen many people simply copy/paste URL in facebook or use the share button to share the content of their blogs and sites on Facebook. Your visitors will be doing that already, you need to take it a step ahead. Instead of putting your link which retrieve the thumbnail in the post, you should upload the image using upload image button in the facebook. Thumbnails are smaller and when you upload images directly, they are big enough to grab your fans attention. You should also use space to write content like description and a link to the page.

Facebook Traffic- Share Page

Facebook Traffic- Share Page

Create Facebook App – Facebook Apps are great way of grabbing attention of your visitors. You can create facebook app for games, quizzes, polls, iframe apps and many more to spread word about your Facebook. It is not easy to convince a random visitor to like your page but when you present some quiz, poll or game, it is easier for you to connect to them. So you should focus on creating facebook apps and utilizing them to serve your purpose.

Collects emails using Facebook – you should create separate squeeze pages for Facebook and add them through a tab in your Facebook Fan page. It is a very effective way of collecting emails for your email marketing campaign. Email auto-responders like Aweber and Getresponse are easily integrated into Facebook through their Apps.

Facebook Fan page Optimization—if you haven’t created your Facebook Fan page then you should try to use a keyword rich name for your fan page. It will help in optimizing your page to appear in Facebook Search results.

Facebook Traffic – Marketing is a Journey

Facebook traffic is not easy but also, not tough too. But it is a time consuming process in the initial phase. With the use of correct tools and strategy, you can definitely make a good use of Facebook to generate traffic for your blog and site. In fact, if you are a business person and don’t have a facebook fan page then you should create Facebook Business Page for you immediately.

Even Google is now giving importance to social signals which include Facebook Likes. Thus it is imperative for you to work on it.

If you are wondering “How to Create Facebook Application” then don’t worry it is fairly easy with the help of tools.

You cannot exploit Facebook for traffic without good tools. You can use comprehensive wordpress plugin like FacebookApps Ninja which can help you in quickly creating apps and Facebook Fan pages.

Please share your facebook marketing ideas and don’t forget to “Like”.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. Great post


  2. I hate how FB has basically made their site where nothing you post will be seen unless you pay to promote it. Even then, I don’t believe the stats that they put out for the promoted posts. Very disappointed with Facebook.

  3. Facebook is really a great marketing tool but you need to be careful in using it as it was originally intended to be a social networking site, not advertising. I guess one should learn how to balance the two so FB can be maximized effectively for marketing purposes.

  4. Facebook has a lot of benefits for all sorts of people. It’s a huge market. One share or one like can do wonders for your page as long as it is done the right way.

  5. Creating a clean and appealing fanpage on Facebook really helps if you want to earn more traffic out of the social media network. And of course, you also need to get busy collecting emails too. Thank you for this helpful article.

  6. You can get traffic-generating help from Facebook by advertising what you have. And I agree with you on providing captivating images and videos to help enhance traffic generation from the social media giant. Thank you very much for this post.

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