Best SEO Tool Comparison-Webceo Vs Seoprofiler Vs WebMeup Vs Raven

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In the past I have written about variety of seo tools which I have used and encountered. Seo tools have become a necessity in current online world and any serious webmaster can’t expect to perform better without either of them.

Today SEO tool doesn’t merely stand for tools which are used for collecting backlinks or finding broken links on your website or blog. They are used for variety of functions.

Today focus is much higher on on-page optimization, keyword research, social media marketing and spying on competition. Rankingbest seo tool comparison-webceo vs seoprofiler vs webmeup vs raven on search engines does not remain limited to higher density of keywords or higher number of backlinks. In fact, higher keyword density and backlinks may become counterproductive and may harm your website’s ranking.

Preventing over-optimization is as important as optimizing your website.

Therefore SEO tools are imperative.

Now in this overcrowded market of seo tools, it is becoming increasingly difficult for webmasters to find an appropriate tools for them.

When I say appropriate I mean a tool which is economical and provide adequate actionable information about your site.

SEO Tool Comparison-Webceo Vs Seoprofiler Vs WebMeup Vs Raven

Features Raven WebCEO SEOProfiler WebMeUp
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spy of Competition Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of website in Base Package unlimited unlimited 10,50,150,800 1,5,10
User Limitation 4 unlimited No No
Custom Domain Yes Yes No No
Branded Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Report Export Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ranking Monitor No Yes Yes Yes
Backlink Yes Yes Yes No
On Page Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sitemap Generator No Yes No No
Pricing (per month) Pro – $99
Agency – $249
Offpage Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Optimization No No No Yes
Email Campaign Support Integrate email auto-responder and optimize your campaign No No No
Site Submission No Yes Yes No
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes
Try Raven Try WebCEO Try Seoprofiler Try WebMeUp


SEO Tool Comparison Verdict-Webceo Vs Seoprofiler Vs WebMeup Vs Raven

Webceo, Seoprofiler and Raven are one of the most established name in seo tool industry. WebMeUp is relatively new but I have tried them also, I can definitely vouch for them. Overall, they all are powerful seo tools and it depends upon your budget and requirements.

If you are a webmaster with only one website or blog, then webmeup is the best option for you because it will get you most of these features at the most economical pricing. But there is a problem, they don’t offer keyword discovery in their cheapest package and it is big enough for me to say No for it. Everything else is fine, so if you are already using some keyword research tools like traffic travis or niche cracker, webmeup is the best seo tool for you.

If you are not using any tool for keyword research then you can try webceo and seoprofiler & decide yourself. Both these tools are equally good. You can try seoprofiler in $1 and webceo for free. Both of them are powerful enough to empower any kind of websites and priced equally.

Raven is a good tool but it is the most expensive one. You can do anything and everything with SEOProfiler and WebCEO also but at a lesser price. But yes, Raven could be a better option for SEO Professionals.

You can try Raven for free, why not give it a try. Who knows, you may end up liking it more than others. It is subjective for individual users.

Share your thoughts and concern.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. Hey Akhilendra,
    Do you think that choosing anyone of these 4 can help anyone to grow their websites or businesses? If not then do we should with SEMrush?

    • Semrush is a good tool. If you use it well, you can definitely do well but your primary focus should be your content and your website. Better tool can provide better information but unless you implement it, it won’t be very useful.

  2. I think there prices are revised. If you are going to choose one out of SEOProfiler and WebCEO, which one you will be choosing for your business?

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