Website Redesign – When Is The Best Time To Rebuild Your Site?

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Each company at some point in its activity decides to redesign the website. No wonder, because over time not only the preferences of users change, but trends in the construction of website design and factors affecting search engine rankings. 

The reconstruction of the website and taking care of potential customers in the vast majority of cases will increase sales and conversion. 

Website redesign – When should you decide?

It is rightly thought that website redesign is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of work. Depending on the site and the amount of data on it, the scope of work will change, but often there is no other way when we want to constantly develop the business. Any of the following reasons that initiate a search for an artist to make changes can be good. 

What are the most popular reasons?

  • Modernization of the current website, website or web application
  • Ensure the usability of the website and User Experience of all users who interact with it 
  • Adjusting the functionality, appearance, and design of the page to the marketing strategy modified over time 
  • Removing aspects that harm long-term optimization of the page in Google search engine and matching elements to current guidelines

There are many reasons for making decisions, but each one is good enough to rebuild a website. 

Website Remodeling – What to consider when planning changes?

What if we already know that we need to rebuild the website? How to plan a redesign and what to consider when initiating conversations with an internal team and interactive agency? There are at least a few elements that significantly affect whether our goals will be achieved during the next stages and will bring real value to the company’s operations. 

The website is not for the company, but for users – One of the most common mistakes that next affect the success of a website is to focus on what the company or its owner would like to see on it. The situation is even riskier when none of the team is in the potential target group. 

This threatens to order a website that will not respond to the real needs of potential customers, i.e. in the worst case they will not be interested in either using the website or making a purchase or using the services offered. It is worth noting that the redesign of the website sets the user high and treat his needs very seriously. What to do, however, if we do not know these needs and expectations? 

We often encounter a situation where a given client does not have sufficient knowledge about his potential client to invest in website reconstruction. The solution in such a situation at the beginning turns out to be a UX audit, in which experts analyze the current data obtained by interactive products, and then User Experience research.

The applications that will be obtained during this type of activity can be used in practice, ensuring that the solutions used by our interactive agency will have the highest standard and usability. 

Conversion in the first place – The question that should be asked at the very beginning when planning a new website, website, or web application design is its purpose. Do we care about as many contacts as possible? Do we want users to come to the company’s headquarters? Are we focusing on getting blog readers? Or maybe we want a potential customer to make a purchase as soon as possible?

The purchase path, sales funnel should be planned on the website so that the user can easily go from one point to another after reaching the end. For example, if we know from the beginning that the goal is to get as much data as possible (phone number, email address) for contact, the entire interface and structure will be planned in a way that maximizes the chances of achieving the goal. 

Redesign the website in cooperation with the best UX designers in the industry from our interactive agency can be carried out in a way that in the long run can increase the conversion even several times. 

Opening the gate for future changes and software development

In addition to all aspects of the design and plan for the structure of the rebuilt site, technical are equally important. By consulting the team from our interactive agency, you’ll learn what technology is best to redesign a website to minimize development and change costs in the future. 

It is worth adjusting the choice of technology to make sure that both the maintenance of the website, website, or application, as well as modifications at any design stage, will be within the budget planned by the company. 

Communication by the target group selected during the UX research

Above we mentioned that setting the target and learning about the target group are some of the aspects that later affect the results. You should also add to this communication, which will be designed for specific people created by the company during User Experience research. 

For example, there are many answers to the question about how to increase sales in the online store, but if you selected the simplest of them, it would be a closer match of communication to the target group. Otherwise, elderly people, mothers, and teenagers should be addressed at every stage. 

Responsiveness and adaptation to all devices

The old version of the website because once responsive websites were not built may be unintuitive for users of mobile devices. It is no secret, however, that for at least a few years the number of consumers who search for information using mobile devices is much greater than those who do the same using a computer. 

This, in turn, makes ensuring an appropriate interface appearance with responsive website design the next priority. In the online store, the user should be able to easily make purchases from a smartphone with a few clicks. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The correctness of a website or web application in terms of SEO is another factor that should be taken into account when planning the structure. If we can use elements that will affect later business effects, it is worth using the opportunities and ensuring that the search engine makes the site stand out from the competition. 

Even the details on the headline hierarchy, menu layout, content on each subpage, link structure, meta descriptions, and meta titles will be relevant. There are many more factors that affect the position of the desired phrases, and cooperation with a professional interactive agency means that we can be sure of the results that satisfy the company. 

The process of cooperation with an interactive agency

Before ordering, it will be good to verify the software house with which you intend to cooperate. We will do this by contacting via the form, talking to the team, and checking profiles on social media. 

However, the most important thing, in this case, is the portfolio, which will tell us a lot about previous projects of a given company and clients with whom it had the opportunity to cooperate. 

Our many years of experience have taught us that customers who are not familiar with case studies and do not analyze sites previously built by a potential partner do not find the best interactive agencies. 

It is only at the next stage that they reach us, and we fix the mistakes made by previous contractors. Redesigning a website is a complex work with many stages, which will often take up to several months, which makes 


Increasing online store sales or website conversions is the business value that matters most to the customer. This means that after completing the entire process and creating the website, it is worth considering the time spent on testing. 

Professional tests of usability (UX) and security allow you to verify any possible vulnerabilities in the software and make every effort to ensure that the data of users, customers, and partners are secure. 

UX tests before and after the website redesign will also allow you to verify how much the usability of the interactive product has improved. Sometimes, during such activities, we find that the path that the customer must follow intuitively after entering the site heading to the desired goal has been reduced by a few or even several seconds. 

In the context of navigating the internet, this is a huge amount of time, which sometimes has a key impact on the user’s purchasing decision.

Website redesign – Is it worth waiting for the perfect moment?

Among the many things that you need to pay attention to when planning a website rebuild, you can get the impression that it’s a lot of work. You can get lost, and there is also the risk of making inappropriate decisions. This, in turn, causes companies to postpone redesign of a website indefinitely losing subsequent potential customers. 

Fortunately, most of the responsibilities that are associated with conducting User Experience research, designing, and project implementation can be taken over by our interactive agency. 

All you need is a conversation and defining your expectations, and we will be happy to successfully guide you through the entire process to achieve the desired goals. The perfect moment is most often when we think about this procedure for the first time.

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