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What is investing is the first question comes to our mind when we think of saving and investing in today’s world. In today’s world when inflation is consistently hovering in upper region. Investing is imperative to save and grow your money. Investing mean many things for many different investors. Some simply prefer to save money and keep it in their saving account and are happy with the interest rate which they get on that.

What is investing will have a different answer from these investors where as there are other who put their money in old methods of investments like Gold and Real Estate. Investing for beginners most of the time revolve around these things but now things are changing and they are changing quite rapidly.

What is investing will simply mean investing in stock market for the new age investors. They primarily invest in shares and mutual fund. They don’t prefer to keep their money locked in some saving accounts. But the question still remain there; what is investing and what is the best way of investing.

Modern portfolio theory in this context should be to maintain a healthy proportion of all of these investment tools.  From keeping money into saving accounts to investing in share market and mutual funds. Investing in gold and real estate still holds very much importance is very popular among new age investors as well.

Investing should not mean focusing only upon one particular mode of investment. It should be more about the approach of the investor. The way one looks at the money and various ways of growing it. At time, investment is stock market is more of penalizing in nature than rewarding and keeping money in saving accounts is better idea but some other time, investing the same amount in stock market becomes extremely rewarding.

So one need to understand the inflation and time and accordingly follow the current trend to grow your wealth. When it comes to growing your money, often following trend is a good approach. But like always said, don’t follow it blindly and remember, the biggest of all, invest in yourself.

Learn stock market, learn about current trend, real estate industry and current affairs. They can tell you a lot about the future trend. Keep a healthy portfolio of stocks, mutual funds and gold. Real estate is good but expensive so if one can afford.

What is investing is a question which will always debate and one should understand the self and current need to answer that.

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  1. Investing is crucial in the 21st century unless you have an extremely professional career which offers big paychecks. Yet it is likely you will be investing if you have that extra money anyways.

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