How To Use WordPress Permalinks And Thesis SEO Options?

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WordPress permalinks and Thesis Theme SEO Features can be used to take your wordpress seo to greater heights. We all know seo or search engine optimization is the key to success irrespective whether you are using wordpress or any other content management system.

wordpress permalinks and thesis seo options can be used wisely to optimize your wordpress blog?

WordPress permalinks and Thesis Theme seo options provide great flexibility and features to improve search engine optimization level of your blogs.

Thesis theme is one of the most popular wordpress themes and it is also one of the best wordpress themes. It provides lot of features to improve the seo of your wordpress blog.

Thesis theme seo options include configuring its Home Page SEO in Thesis Site Options. Thesis is all in one seo wordpress theme which is not only beautiful but also provides lots of option to optimize your blog for search engines.

The concept of seo in thesis is also sometime referred as Thesis SEO by bloggers.

We will first go through Thesis Theme SEO options and then WordPress Permalinks.

Let’s go through some of the important part of thesis seo;

Home Page SEO in Thesis Theme


Thesis Theme SEO & WordPress Permalinks


Home Page SEO in Thesis Theme allows you to set your Home Page Title, Home Page Meta Description and Home page Meta keywords.

While configuring these details, you need to make sure that you don’t enter that data which is not present on your site.

For example, if your blog doesn’t have a post or content containing keyword ‘weight loss’, then don’t mention it in title, meta description or in keywords.

Try to focus an audience and don’t enter everything which you can think of. Your homepage title, description and keywords should be limited based upon the content on your blog.

Thesis SEO Options on Post page

Thesis Theme Post SEO Options & WordPress Permalinks

Every post on your blog is a page in itself and if it is not properly optimized then it will not get expected ranking on search engines. So it is important to optimize each post on your blog.

Thesis theme provides awesome options to do that.

You should focus upon your readers and not search engines while composing your blog posts. You should target human and not machines. But it is compulsion to please machines also in order to get them deliver traffic to your blog.

Thesis theme provides excellent way of putting your content separately for your readers and search engines.

So for example if you are targeting a keyword ‘wordpress seo’ and writing a blog post about it. Now you need to choose a blog title which pleases your readers. Because if it is not meant for humans then even if you are able to drive traffic to your wordpress blog using Google and other search engines, you won’t be able to convert that in business.

So you can use thesis to have different title visible to your readers and a different title for search engines. Meta description and keywords are important for driving traffic for your blog post. You can enter specific details in custom title tag, custom Meta description and keywords to optimize your blog post.

These settings are extremely helpful in optimizing each post on your blog.

You can also use WordPress Permalinks to further enhance the optimization level of your blogs and wordpress seo.

WordPress Permalinks

Wordpress Permalinks

First of all, if you don’t understand Permalinks then these are permanent URLs to your blogs post and categories. The URL to each post should permanent, therefor it is called Permalink. In context of wordpress, they are also referred as wordpress permalinks.

So when you create a blog post in wordpress, it will automatically set a permalink to your post based upon your setting.

You should choose a wordpress permalink structure which is search engine friendly. URL of your post helps search engine in understand the subject of your post. That is why post title in url will always contribute to the success of it.

Some of the examples of good seo friendly URLs are;

There is nothing like a sure shot method of skyrocketing your blog’s traffic but if you follow a strategy then you will definitely succeed.

Combining thesis them seo options and seo friendly URL’s which we have referred as ‘wordpress permalinks’ can do wonders for your wordpress blog.

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  1. Nice tutorial Akhilendra. I think the above discussion would be very helpful for new bloggers to create seo friendly permalink structure and proper usage of meta tags. As we all know,proper seo, get good ranking. Thank you for providing such a wonderful step by step guide.

  2. Hi there. Really a nice post. SEO is not a time limited work. So you should have patience. Quality always takes some times but matters a lot.

  3. Link structure is super useful in SEO. So always make sure your keywords etc drop into your slug tags.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, your code tips and guide has helped me out so much.

  5. Thanks akhilendra to share this Permalink tip.
    In my theses theme I have used this permalink option and hoping that it will boost up my seo.


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