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wpengine review

Whether you are a new blogger or a experienced one, you need a good web host in order to successfully run your online business. There are thousands of web hosts across globe but only few of them can be entrusted with the responsibility of managing your website. There are few good web hosts in the market like hostgator, godaddy, inmotion and ipage but what separate WPENGINE from them is the fact that it is a managed wordpress hosting.

WPEngine Review

Web hosting is a technical business and a host require lot of good hardware and software along with technical expertise to provide good web hosting experience to their customers. It is not an easy job and therefore there are lot of customers who face huge hosting related problems like downtime, security issues, slow page speed etc.

There are lot of factors which affect the requirement of a web host. These factors are influenced by the content management system which you use. Content management system is a software itself which is used to run and manage a website. WordPress is one of the most popular content management system among bloggers and business owners.

WordPress is a good and efficient CMS but there are flaws which take a toll on its security and performance. These flaws pose serious threat to your website if it is going to handle good traffic volume.

As mentioned earlier, requirements of a website are significantly influenced by the content management system as it has got a coding pattern and other technical specifications. Therefore wordpress require specific conditions to perform better.

Managed wordpress hosting is a type of hosting where hardware and software are designed and optimized specifically for wordpress. This type of wordpress hosting is different than traditional web hosting.

Please note that if you are not using wordpress then it is not for you.

Managed wordpress hosting take care of all the requirements of wordpress like security, performance and maintainence.

WP Engine is one of the most trusted name in managed wordpress hosting.

USP of WPEngine are;

  • High quality hardware specific for wordpress
  • High quality of software applications optimized for wordpress
  • The best part, their high quality staff trained to manage every aspect of wordpress

WPEngine is a relatively new host which was founded in 2010 but in last three years, they have grown significantly. Right now they are being used by some of the biggest international brands like foursquare, htc, soundcloud etc.

WPEngine Review – Highlighted features

Along with many features which they offer, some of the most important are;

1. Expert and high trained support staff to handle any wordpress related query.

2. Evercache technology– WPEngine is probably the only web host with in-built content delivery network and a proprietary cache technology known as “evercache technology” which is best in class. Websites hosted by wpengine are really fast due to evercache technology. Page speed is one of the most crucial factor for seo and high level of customer satisfaction. So if you are concerned about the page speed of your site then wpengine is the best managed wordpress hosting for that. If you are using some other host like hostgator then use MaxCDN to improve your page speed. With WP engine you can save that money as you won’t need CDN. Though, if you want wp engine makes it extremely easy to integrate additional services like CDN.

Evercache makes your site so fast that many users don’t believe that it is even possible without using any CDN. It is their one of the most important feature.

3. Hack-proof – hacking and security has become a major issue for most of the website across globe. There are not many web hosts which are really good as far as hacking is concerned. WPEngine is one of the most secure web host around. They scan everything and fix it as soon as it surface. Security is one of most sought after feature of WP engine.

4. Backup– back up is one of the most important part of managing any kind of website. There are not many web host which provide regular back-up. WPEngine provide awesome backup services in built in your hosting package.

5. One click staging – wordpress blogs are susceptible to instant damage as any changes made to them through any change in design or a new plugin can create effects which are immediate in nature. WPengine has an exclusive feature called “staging”. In staging, you will have a button “snapshot”. You just have to click on that and wp engine will make a complete copy of your blog and store it safe. Then you can make changes to your site and check if they are as per your expectations. This way there is no risk of changing anything can damage your site and reputation.

As mentioned earlier, these are some of the most important feature but not all of them. You can check out details at their website to know more. But idea behind talking about these features is that you can’t go wrong with wpegine. WPEngine is the best managed wordpress hosting.

WPEngine Review – Pricing

As WPEngine is providing niche features, its prices are slightly above other conventional hosting players. WPengine is for those users who want exclusive experience for their wordpress based websites. It could be blogs with high traffic, ecommerce websites or business sites.

If you are a new blogger with limited budget, click here to see a list of cheap and best hosts for you.

wpengine review- wpengine pricing

WPEngine Discount Coupon

Sign up for an annual plan and get 3 free months of hosting! Just use the special offer “HEATWAVE” when you sign up to claim your free hosting!

WPEngine Review Conclusion

WPengine is an expensive web host but they are not any ordinary web host, they are best managed wordpress host. They are perfect for those who can spend that kind of money or those who don’t want to compromise on quality.

WPEngine provide one stop solution for managed wordpress hosting. They are best in class and designed for high performance oriented wordpress sites. You can try them for free and if you are not satisfied, you can always opt out.

If you have any feedback or comment, please share it.

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