Zend Studio Review-Rocking 10.6

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I have already reviewed dreamweaver in my last review and in this post; we will go through another giant in the PHP IDE segment, Zend Studio.

If you are new to it, I ll suggest you to checkout the dreamweaver review here, in order to make a informed decision.

Zend Studio Review

Zend studio 10.6 is the latest edition from the zend who is considered as one of the biggest name in the field of PHP. Zend contributes immensely to PHP language. In fact, they are roughly referred as the company behind PHP.

Zend creates variety of products related to php like zend studio, zend server, zend framework, certifications and cloud based services.

As zend is full fledged company dealing with PHP, you can expect a sound product from them as it is their bread and butter.

There are many smaller companies or individual who create these products but then there are updates and support related issues with them.

These issues don’t arise when you deal with zend.

Zend studio 10.6 is the latest edition in the zend studio series which is loaded with all the features you can expect in a IDE.

Zend Studio 10.6 features

  1. Creating mobile applications
  2. Zend Framework Integration
  3. Cloud Support
  4. PHP Refactoring
  5. PHP Code and Documentation Generation
  6. PHP Editor and File Management
  7. JavaScript Support
  8. HTML & CSS Support
  9. PHP Debugging
  10. Zend Server Integration
  11. PHP Unit Testing
  12. Remote and Virtual Systems
  13. Database Connectivity
  14. Source Control
  15. IBM i Support
  16. Other features like RSS Reader, Integration with PHP Composer, Zend Code Gallery, Zend Guard Integration

Some of the highlights of zend studio php editor are;

  • Code Analysis & Quick Fix
  • Quick New File Creation
  • Code Formatter
  • WSDL File Editor
  • PHP 4 and PHP 5.X Support
  • Syntax Coloring & Code Assist
  • Mark Occurrences of Language Elements, Exit Paths and Requires
  • Override Indicators
  • Type Hierarchy of Classes and Methods
  • Open Type / Method Dialogs
  • Code Templates (PHP, PHPDoc, New File)
  • Code Folding for Classes Functions and PHPDoc
  • Real time Error Detection
  • Bookmarks
  • Internal Browser
  • Smart Go-to Source and Hover Support
  • Automatic Insertion
  • Highlighted Matching Bracket
  • Comment / Uncomment PHP code
  • PHP Explorer View
  • Search Text by Pattern
  • Search PHP Element
  • File / Project Outlines
  • Find & Replace in Files
  • Tasks List
  • Project Include / Build Path
  • Problems View
  • Code Assist for Include Statement

PHP debugging in zend studio is quite easy. It’s in-built debugger will quickly debug your code and you don’t have to run around to set it. I have tried other IDEs also, even good php IDE like PHPStorm could be a pain to setup debugger.

Similarly, zend studio provide easy php unit testing options.

Now let’s go through some of its screen shots to give your real picture about zend studio;

zend studio debug

zend file creation wizard

zend run view

php debugging in zend studio


Its auto-complete is fairly good though I must admit that I find autocomplete to be much better in phpstorm. But nonetheless, once you get used to zend studio, it’s autocomplete is efficient and you will not lack anything.

Refactoring is another major feature in zend studio. You can easily refactor your code with zend. Zend studio also comes with in-built browser view which you can use preview your code without leaving the IDE. Zend studio offers;

  • In Place Refactoring (Smart Rename)
  • Extract Variable / Method
  • Move Files and Folders
  • Rename Files Classes, Function and Variables

I personally don’t consider these features as deal breaker or creator but it worth mentioning as it could be important for many others.

Installation of zend studio is fairly easy like any other software you will install.

Zend studio easily integrates with zend server so you won’t have any issue at IDE setup side.

Zend studio comes with zend framework integration and you can easily create zend framework projects within zend studio using the wizard provided by it.

Remote machines, database connections, source controls (Git, GitHub, Subversion (SVN), CVS, Team Project Set, Local History) and support for html/javascript, everything is supported by zend studio.

There are cheaper IDEs but zend studio is definitely not towards the expensive side of it. In fact, if you compare it with other major IDEs like dreamweaver then zend studio is much economical.

You can downloard its trial for one month and give it a try. If you are happy with it then it will cost you $189 to acquire a license for it.

Zend Studio 10.6 Review Conclusion

Zend studio 10.6 is one of the best php IDE available in the market. It is well supported, regularly updated and not very expensive.

You can use it create php based websites and mobile apps. You could be overwhelmed by it but only in initial phase, once you get used to it, you will realize most of the features are really helpful.

Easy integration of other zend products like zend server and framework makes it a better deal if you are planning to use them.

If you have used zend studio, why not share your experience to help others.

Sharing is Caring
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