Best phones under Rs 10000

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Best phones under Rs 10000– are the hottest and toughest segment in Indian cell phone market. It is targeted by most of the cell phone makers operating in Indian market. The primary reason behind is that this is the segment where most of the buying takes place. From students to self employed people and not to mention professionals, they all are covered in this segment. They are looking for phones with good design, functionality, cost, battery backup and applications.

With the presence of so many models in this segment, it is natural to get confused. So to help you in making your decision, we have shortlisted four phones under Rs 10000 in India which can be considered as one of Best phones under Rs 10000. Please share your experiences if you have used them or suggest any other phone which you think can be considered as Best phone under Rs 10000 in India.

Best phones under Rs 10000 for 2014

Old phones are now outdated so i have updated this list for your reference. These are well established phone with proven track record and reviews, so you won’t get it wrong. All of these phones are under Rs10000. Click on the name of the phone for more details;

  1. Moto E
  2. Asus Zenfone 5
  3. Microsoft Lumia 535
  4. Karbonn Titanium S2
  5. Nokia Lumia 520
  6. XOLO Q1000 Opus
  7. Karbonn Smart A26
  8. Micromax Canvas Doodle A111
  9. Karbonn Titanium S5
  10. Sony Xperia E Dual
  11. Lenovo IdeaPhone S720

Best Budget Phone Updates

10/02/2014-If you are looking for a smart phone and your budget is anywhere between Rs 10000 – Rs 25000, then Moto G is the best smart phone your money can buy for you. It is even comparable to high end smart phones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One and Nokia Lumia 925/920.

For example, it has got higher PPI than iPhone 5S which provide awesome display. Now Moto G has got 720 P screens in comparison of 1080 p so there is technical difference but if you cannot figure it out with naked eyes.

It is really powerful with guaranteed upgrade to android’s latest version Kitkat.

Its build quality, camera, resolution, specs and performance is comparable to high end phones. It is priced at Rs15000 in India my Moto G and you can get it around Rs 13000 at flipkart.

I have not listed it in the above list because it is slightly above 10000 tag but if you can put few more thousands above 10000, you will get the best phone.

In fact, if you compare what you get with Moto G, then it is probably one of best phone in the entire smart phone segment because there is nothing you can’t do with Moto G and you are paying much less for it.

Know More About Moto G

Blackberry Curve 8520 – Blackberry Curve 8520 is a very good phone in this segment and can be a very good choice for working professional or self employed who wants to check their emails on move. It is available under Rs 10000. It is powered by Blackberry OS with 512 Mhz processor. It is loaded with 2 MP cameras and its famous QWERTY keypad. There are dedicated keys for multimedia which can be used to pause a song, skip tracks, or set a song on repeat.Discount on BlackBerry Curve 8520 (Black)

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 – if blackberry Curve 8520 is one of the best phone under Rs 10000 for people looking for professional usage then Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is definitely a phone under Rs 10000 which can be used by all. Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is a very attractive phone with a price tag under Rs 7500. Its pricing makes it extremely lucrative. It is powered Android v2.3 OS and with the presence of FM radio on it, it becomes a very good bet under Rs 10000 phones in India. it is also loaded with 2 MP camera. It is a touch screen phone so if that is a criteria for you, then you can definitely consider it.Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 (Absolute Black) Offer

LG Optimus NET P690 – LG Optimus NET P690 is another touch screen phone which is also powered by Android v2.3 OS. The difference between this & Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is that the camera fitted in LG Opimus NET P690 is of 3 mega pixels.  This is priced over Rs 9000 so that could be a hindrance for you. As far as looks are concerned, that is a individual choice so you can walk in to near cell phone store and play with these phones to make your decision.LG Optimus NET P690 (Black) on Sale

Nokia E5 – Nokia E5 come from Nokia’s legendary E series where it offers most of the features which you will expect in a phone priced above Rs 10000 but it gets you them in less than Rs 10000. It is priced around Rs 9500. It is powered Symbian v9.3 OS with 600 Mhz processor. It comes with 5 MP camera, QWERTY keypad, FM radio, wireless and most of the other handy features.Nokia E5 (Dark Grey) offer

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  1. When considering phones under Rs 10,000, the Moto G stands out as a powerful and well-rounded choice. With features comparable to higher-end smartphones, it offers excellent value for its price, making it a strong contender in the budget segment.

  2. LG flagship phone has developed a solid reputation for developing some very interesting and attractive Android smartphones, even if it isn’t one of the big boys in the space right now.
    Lg was once a major player in the smartphone industry. The Korean manufacturer was one of the first companies to feature a flagship phone, introduce a unique rear-button layout, and experiment in modularity with the LG G5.However, those days are now over. LG has shut down its smartphone division at the end of July 2021. That means we won’t see any more new LG phones.

  3. Hi Akhil
    What do you think About BlackBerrys Z3, I found this ia a realy cool handset from BlackBerry. This phone will help blackberry to regain their postion in indian market

    • Blackberry’s handset are good but the problem is if the company is in bad shape and if it shuts down, then you will have to struggle for support if there is any issue.

  4. sarvagya says

    what about latest htc explorer…..?

    • akhilendra says

      htc explorer is definitely a very good phone especially if you like it. It could be the part of this list also but probably i missed. But nevertheless, this phone is good there are pretty good user reviews about it and don’t forget to share your review if you use it.

  5. Hey just confused between the HTC wildfire S, Sony ericsson Live and samsung galaxy ace. Which phone is the best?

    • akhilendra says

      They all are good phones with similar specs. You can pick the one you like most. Have you tried them in some store? That will give you much better idea.

  6. Hi akhilendra,
    nice list….i have seen this new phone LG optimus l3..i am thinking about this phone…what do you suggest…will it be able to book a place in your list….?????

  7. Kawal Deep says

    Hello Akhilendra..real good list…i have seen a phone that is newly launched LG OPTIMUS L3 …what do you think about that phone….will it be able to take a place in the list…??? i am thinking about buying it…what do you suggest???

  8. Dayanand says

    Hey i am looking at nokia 500 , it has 2gb memory 5 mp camera and many other features only drawback is it doesnt have flash . how about it is it worth it ?

    • akhilendra says

      I will suggest to walk into some store, check out the other handsets in the same price band and see if there is anything else which you may like. Then you can take decision accordingly. There is nothing wrong with this handset but as people in general prefer Android in this segment. So i will suggest to check out few other handsets and then decide yourself. There are not many major differences in the various handsets offered by various companies within a price band.

  9. Hello Akhilendra.. Thats a really good list. I hope you do keep it updated. Also, can you make a list of best phones with Ice Cream Sandwich that fall under 10K range?

    • akhilendra says

      I am not aware of any phone as of now. But wait for some time, they will be available because nowadays new phones are launching every month and i m quite sure we will get something.

  10. hi, i want to buy a phone !!
    my budget is till 10k. I like flap phones; I hvnt tried touch screen phone coz they are sensitive and require extra care while handling!! I need a sturdy phone..
    I want a phone web browsing, texting msgs, listening songs , has to hv atleast 3.2 Mpixel camera!! suggest the best Phone !!

    • Hi Aastha,

      it is very difficult to pick a cell phone and say it is best for you. Though i can do that for myself but not for anyone. And reasons are numerous. But i will suggest you to walk in to a retail mobile store and try demo. You will have a far better idea about their handling and design.As you design can often make huge impact of the cell phone we select. As far as features which you are looking, i think Nokia E5 could be a good phone for you. But still i will suggest you to try demo and see yourself.
      And if you can share your final decision with us, i think that will add great value for others.

  11. HI. 1.)can u plz tell me the best flap phones under 10,000 rs in India..
    2.)how is blackberry pearl flip phone ??


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