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online file storageIn one of my previous post I have talked about what is cloud and why is getting so much of popularity? Innovation of cloud technology has completely changed the way of data is stored and shared in current world. Just look at the number of smart phones and tablets around you. Many users use cloud storage to store their data instead of any hard drive. For example, icloud, a service offered by Apple to its customer who can use it store their data like films, music and pictures.

I won’t be surprised if in the years to come hard disk become obsolete. Carrying and maintaining a hard disk is cumbersome and risk of losing all the data in the event of a physical or technical damage may cause huge problems to the users.

One can still manage to carry the hard disk as their size have considerably gone down but then, you have to ensure that you always roam around with it and ensure that it doesn’t get any damage. But in spite of that, chances of your disk getting corrupt due to some virus cannot be ruled out.

Cloud storage or online file storage is one of the best services available in current world. File Sharing Online is a very common practice and Online File Folder help us in doing that easily.

Advantage of online file storage/cloud storage;

  • Access your content from anywhere.
  • Relatively safer as you don’t have to bother about securing your hard disk.
  • Most of the services allow a free space and beyond that, you can pay On-Demand basis.
  • No risk of getting virus as most of these services use sophisticated software and services to secure their network.
  • Using online file storage is fairly easy and you just have to upload your documents, images and file their using a simple to use interface.
  • There are many services which offer additional services to create documents and files along with directly uploading document in them.

Some of the best online file storage/cloud storage services are;

Microsoft skydrive – skydrive is the service which is offered by Microsoft. You can use it to store all kind of documents. You can also create Microsoft word, excel, ppt and other type of documents using Microsoft skydrive. Skydrive allow you to store data upto 7 gb without paying anything. If you want to avail more than 7 gb then you can use their paid services. I have using it for last few years and it is simply awesome. It is extremely helpful if you want to store important documents online so that you can access them anywhere. I mean it’s really hard to cumbersome either to carry your disk all the time or going back to place just to pick your storage device to get few documents. You can also sync your documents from your laptops. You can download skydrive app which will simply create a folder on your desktop. You can simply place your documents there and it will sync them to your online skydrive folders automatically. Skydrive is Microsoft Cloud Storage.

Google Drive – It is another online storage service which offer attractive line of products like ability to create documents within google drive and directly uploading document there. In fact, it is widely used by many to create and share documents. Google drive offers a free space of 5 Gb. Google drive is Google Cloud Storage.

Dropbox – it is one of the most established players in this industry and just like skydrive and google drive, it is also really good for storing and sharing documents. Dropbox offer a free space of 2GB. It is good for businesses if they want to have more space and centralized billing with admin control.

iCloud – as mentioned earlier, icloud is offered by Apple and it comes with free space of 5 GB. Your photos, movies and other files are synced and you can access them anytime.

Mega– it is a new service and promise better technology and services. It comes with a free space of 50GB. It is easy to use and as good as other services.


Over To You

These are some of the best and free Free Online Document Storage services. I have used Microsoft skydrive and Google drive. I think they are really great for average users like me who are looking for some online storage space where they can keep their important files & documents so that they can access them anywhere and anytime. Online Data Storage is a very good way of handling data in current world.

There are many other Online Storage Free services but as we all use microsoft and google in some way or other, i have primarily focused on services which are widely known by common users.

What do you think of these new ages online file storage services and do you any other service which can be used by us?

Please share your feedback and opinion with us and don’t forget to click on share.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. I do know about few of them but its a nice huge list and this will be handy for many.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I have been using Dropbox to store my important files and access them anywhere. This has been very convenient to use.

  3. I hope google drive is the best place to store your data in cloud.I must say everything having both advantages as well as disadvantages.Thanks for share these list with us.

  4. With this move, Google has unified its storage system, a similar concept to the Apple pool of iCloud storage, although at this point Apple does not count image storage in Photo Stream against your 5 GB allotment. Google has a free iOS app so you can access this storage space, and it can also be managed through a web browser on any computer.

  5. Hi Akhiledra
    Really informative post. As we are using electronic data more and more. The need to have secured space is really felt. It is good that many of the leading online storage platform offer free storage. Thanks for sharing this information.

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