What is Cloud Computing- Cloud Computing Explained

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What is cloud computing? Have you ever been asked this question or asked it yourself?

Cloud computing has taken the world by storm and it is the buzzword across globe.

If you already know about it, don’t forget to leave your comment at the end of the post to share your thoughts on it and if you are still not used to the term “Cloud Computing”, then you are at right place.

Cloud computing is explained here for beginners but it will help all. So let’s cut the chase.

What is Cloud Computing?


what is cloud computing explained

If you are familiar with the process of hosting web based content then you are aware that traditionally content was hosted locally on IT infrastructure like servers.

Content in this case could be anything, an application, website or any other service which required hosting.

Cloud computing in the simplest term is hosting content on internet and accessing it from there.

It is like using a web based service to host your files so that you can access it anywhere and everywhere.

So if you are using services like microsoft’s skydrive or Google drive, then you simply upload your files like pictures, videos and other kind files and then access them from anywhere if you are connected to internet.

So contrary to traditional hosting where you were storing data to a local drive, in cloud computing you are hosting it on an internet based directory. Cloud Computing use new age latest technology to deliver content rapidly and smoothly.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Objective of cloud computing is increase the pace of data transferred and access it anywhere from a internet connected device. Location of server does have a impact on the performance of the application.

So if a website is hosted on a server in North America and a user is trying to access it in Asia, then website will load slowly. Whereas in cloud computing, it is delivered through a network of online servers therefore that speed is enhanced. It results in better user experience and improved business prospects.

Cloud computing helps in real time data updates.

Cloud computing provides flexibility and it is easily scalable.

Cloud computing is already extremely popular among big to small businesses.

Companies like Google and amazon are thoroughly using cloud computing to manage their business.

Microsoft has already launched cloud based Microsoft office application.

Cloud Computing Example-Google drive and Microsoft skydrive are the common cloud based services which are used by users like you and me.

Cloud Computing Vs Content Delivery Network (CDN)

content delivery network

content delivery network

Don’t confuse cloud computing with CDN. In cloud computing, under normal circumstance it is a group of huge servers in a data center located at single place.

CDN or content delivery network is a network of servers where content is distributed through a group of content serving servers across various locations.

If you are a blogger or webmaster running a website, then you might be already using some web host. You can use content delivery networks like MaxCDN to further enhance your user experience. If you want to avail MaxCDN discount and learn more about it, visit Setup MaxCDN with Cloudflare to save money and improve performance.


Cloud computing is the future of the way content has been hosted and served. It is going to revitalize the way user experience web based content and with the evolution of mobile apps, it is going to further boost its relevance.

Please share your thoughts on it and yes, don’t forget to share it.

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  1. Hi, you make mind blowing ideas and a spectacular blog about Cloud Computing. Thanks for giving me a space in your blog.

  2. I have heard of Cloud computing but I don’t really understand this much. This post makes me understand this one a lot better.

  3. This is really a very well explained tutorial and i like this very much. Many people who faces difficulty in doing so get so much help out of it.

  4. Sorry akhilendra but i didn’t get the concept of cloud computing, you are saying that in cloud computing the data is stored in the internet based directory, not in a hosting (i.e in local drive), but the question is the data you want to store needs the physical storage and this will be in the remote server, because internet based directory cannot be considered as the physical storage..
    please enlighten me in this regard.., this thing is just mixed up in my mind…!

    • Rohit, i just tried to sum up things to explain it to non-technical users like bloggers. Now you are a technical users and i am glad you raised this question. Cloud computing is currently far more complexed technology. Cloud computing use complex set of hardware and software to deliver service. It could be used to deliver infrastructure service (IaaS), Software (SaaS), platform (PaaS) and Network (NaaS). When i said “local drive”, i meant in case of conventional technology of serving content, that’s how content was served. In case of cloud computing, high tech data centers are used to serve content over internet which is flexible enough to meet current demands. Please let me know if you have more question on this. Thanks for sharing your concern.

      • I googled the whole concept of “cloud computing” and I found it very interesting and a very excellent concept of web based technology..
        Going through this I found a service form Google named “Google Cloud.”., a service to host your online data and applications..
        Thanks for your guidance akhilendra, 🙂

        • Yes Rohit, cloud computing is the future. In terms of Google cloud, it’s not yet completely opened but can be purchased. For bloggers, maxcdn is better as it is well established in the business of CDN and CDN is enough for websites.

  5. Thanks a lot Akhilendra for the info. I was really thinking that Cloud Computing and CDN were similar stuff. Nice way explained with some quality images adding value to the text.

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  7. Cloud computing is indeed helpful and with big companies entering the market, it is surely making it mark. Thanks for sharing this detailed info. It is really helpful in getting a better understanding about cloud computing.


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