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list of shared hosting companiesIn the past I have talked about web hosting for bloggers and small businesses. Today I will be discussing some of the best shared hosting for bloggers and small businesses. I have specifically picked shared hosting because nowadays you will get shared hosting packages which are efficient for most of the bloggers and small businesses.

These shared hosting accounts can be used to host variety of content management systems like;

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Xenforo
  • And many more cms’s for blogs, websites and forums.

I still prefer to host forums on VPS hosting because forums require more resources especially vbulletin based forums.

Xenforo is fine with shared hosting so I have included that in this list but again. This list is based upon my personal experiences and user feedback present online.

Let’s look at some of the major advantage of shared hosting;

  • 100% managed accounts
  • Provide good features like hosting more number of domains and unlimited bandwidth based upon your shared hosting package.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • One click install for many popular content management systems like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc.
  • Quick setup

Now let’s look at the some of the major disadvantage

  • Can’t host high traffic websites especially if you are not using additional services like MaxCDN and cloudflare.
  • Don’t offer custom settings and most of the shared hosting packages offer standard settings and configuration.

There are other disadvantages also, but they are immaterial for most of the bloggers and small businesses.

Shared hosting is perfect for startups and those who are not expecting too much from their hosting accounts.

Let’s walk through some of the best shared hosting companies and service providers.

Best Shared Hosting Companies

Hostgator – I have talked about hostgator in the past and they are perfect for all kind of web hosting which include



shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. They offer three packages for shared hosting and these packages are suitable for most of the bloggers and webmasters.

Hostgator is well known for their awesome customer support.

Shared hosting packages offered by hostgator are;

Hatchling plan-Single Domain, UNLIMITED Disk Space, UNLIMITED Bandwidth, Shared SSL Certificate starting at $3.96

Baby plan – UNLIMITED Domains, UNLIMITED Disk Space, UNLIMITED Bandwidth, Shared SSL Certificate at a monthly price of $6.36

Business plan— UNLIMITED Domains, UNLIMITED Disk Space, UNLIMITED Bandwidth, FREE Private SSL & IP, FREE Toll Free Number at a monthly subscription rate of $10.36.

You can further reduce your cost by applying the 25% discount couponakhilendra2013

hostgator is one of the popular choice among bloggers, small businesses and webmasters for their shared hosting services.

Checkout Hostgator


Godaddy– Godaddy is another web hosting company which has to be discussed if we are talking about shared hosting. Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrar and most popular web hosts for shared hosting.



They offer variety of packages which can suite your need and budgets.

They offer following shared hosting packages which could serve the purpose for most of the bloggers and small businesses.

These shared hosting packages are;

Economy – unlimited bandwidth, 100 GB disk space, 10 databases, 100 email addresses and with many other features. Economy shared hosting package will cost your $2.99/month.

Deluxe – this package comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, 25 database, 500 email addresses, new customizable mobile site and many other features. You will have to spend $4.49/month to avail deluxe shared hosting from Godaddy. Deluxe shared hosting package is ideal for bloggers.

Ultimate – Ultimate shared hosting is targeted towards small business and ecommerce websites. You get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited databases, unlimited email addresses, new customizable mobile sites, premium DNS, SSL certificates and malware scanner along with other features.

As mentioned earlier, godaddy is perfect for most of the bloggers and webmasters looking to start or switch from an existing web hosts. To avail Godaddy discount offers (more than 35% discount), click here.

Checkout Godaddy


Dreamhost – Dreamhost is another popular web hosts for shared hosting. They offer shared hosting account $ 8.95/ month with loads of features. These features include;

best shared hosting-dreamhost


Unlimited Disk Storage

Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth

Unlimited Domains Hosted

Unlimited Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP Users

Unlimited E-Mail Accounts (POP/IMAP/Webmail)

Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases

Dreamhost is a great web host for shared hosting. You can use $ 50 dream host discount couponAKHILENDRADREAM” for flat $50 off on your bill.

Checkout Dreamhost


Site5 – site5 is another web host which has gained lot of popularity in last few years due to their high quality of services. They are extremely popular among bloggers and small businesses that are looking for optimized, affordable and best

site5 shared hosting coupon


shared hosting services.

Site5 is definitely one of the contenders for best shared hosting company.

Site5 offer three basic shared web hosting packages;

Hostbasic – hostbasic from site5 comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 website with variety of other features. Hostbasic will cost you $ 4.95/month.

Hostpro – hostpro is another shared hosting package from site5. Hostpro offer unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited websites with whole lot of other features. Site5 charges $8.95/month for HostPro account.

Hostpro+ Turbo– Hostpro+ turbo offers dedicated IP and multi admin along with unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited website. It will cost you $11.95/month.

One of the most important features of site5 shared hosting accounts is the fact that you get to choose a location for you which helps in improving your site’s speed. They offer following locations to choose from;

  • Dallas, TX
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Miami, FL
  • New York City, NY
  • Washington, DC
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • New Delhi, India
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Checkout Site5


Inmotion Web Hosting Inmotion hosting is extremely popular among virtual private server (VPS) hosting segment. But that cannot take away the fact that they offer extremely good shared hosting services. Inmotion web hosting is



slightly premium web hosting company.

They offer three shared hosting packages and they are;

Launch – you get 2 websites, 6 domains, 25 sub domains, 2 mysql databases, unlimited disk space and 1000 FTP accounts with launch shared hosting account. You will have to invest $5.95/month.

Power – you get 6 websites, 26 domains, 100 sub domains, 50 mysql accounts, unlimited disk space and 2000 FTP accounts. You need to shell out $ 7.95/month for this package.

Pro – you get 25 websites, unlimited domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited disk space, 200 sql accounts and unlimited FTP accounts with Pro shared hosting account. Inmotion charges $13.95/month.

InMotion Affordable Hosting – More Info



iPage Web Hosting iPage offer one of the most economical shared hosting packages. They charge you only $1.99 foripage wordpress first three months. Like all other shared hosting companies mentioned here, they too offer great features like unlimited hosting space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domains and free domain registration.

iPage has received great reviews from it’s users and there presence in shared hosting segment has been rising gradually.

They could well be one of the best service provider in shared hosting space.


Myhosting – myhosting is well known for offering quality web hosting services at affordable pricing. They are great for VPS hosting also. They offer economical shared hosting packages catered towards bloggers, small business and online

best shared hosting companies-myhosting

myhosting shared hosting

store owners.

They have designed specific packages for blogs, business sites and ecommerce stores.

Shared hosting packages offered by myhosting are;

Personal Website – this is perfect for bloggers and individuals who are looking to start a website. Don’t get confused with the term “Personal” in its name. You can create a commercial site using this package. You get unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domains, 10 Basic Exchange Email mailboxes, google spam filtering and anti-virus, 3 mysql databases and many more useful features and add ons. Myhosting charges $4.95/month for Personal website shared hosting package.

Business Hosting- This package is ideal for slightly bigger blogs and small businesses. You get get unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domains, free dedicated IP, ASP.Net, Ajax and 20 GB email box with many other features. They charge $9.95/month for it.

eCommerce Hosting – this package is great for ecommerce site, online stores and bigger websites. You get unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer; unlimited domains and emails are powered with Microsoft exchange servers along with other features like free premium ecommerce shopping cart. Myhosting charge $18.95 for ecommerce shared hosting package.


Best Shared Hosting-Over To You

These are some of the most popular and best shared hosting companies. Budget and requirements could be unique for you so pick your choice carefully. There can’t be a best shared hosting service provider, it will always vary. As far as blogger and small businesses are concerned, you won’t go wrong with these web hosting companies.

They are experienced, reliable and affordable. They have been in the business for some time now therefore they know how to manage a web hosting businesses.

All of these web hosts offer one click installation for all the popular content management systems like wordpress, joomla or drupal so don’t bother about installing any applications on these hosting accounts.

I have paid special attention to their experience in hosting business and cost. They both are important for the customer segment which target shared hosting services.

Shared hosting is enough for bloggers and small businesses so don’t waste your money on VPS.

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  1. You have compiled a nice list of hosting providers. Great work Akhilendra! I am working on Hostgator since last 2-3 years and it has worked really good for me. Highly recommended!

  2. Complimented Post !! Because now a days its very hard to find best Hosting companies . Many of new comers are it the market .This post helps those who found difficulties in choosing best hosting company. One of my favorite is Godaddy .

  3. I am using WordPress and it is really good. And for hosting we are using Big Rock and they OK OK…but I would recommend both to people

  4. Hi Akhi, Once again you write a great post,
    If you ask me about my interest i always go with WordPress and for hosting I choose Godaddy and I haven’t any problem until now. By the way great work and nice post. Thanks for sharing


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