Lifestyle Theme Review From Studiopress Themes

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In the overcrowded market of premium wordpress themes, studiopress themes are one bright star. Studiopress offer all kind of premium wordpress themes for literally all kind of blogs, personal and business websites.

Lifestyle theme from studiopress is one such theme which is simply awesome.

It could be used for personal blogs, affiliate marketing blog or small business to manage their websites.

Studiopress themes are light weight and SEO friendly.

Lifestyle theme is also loaded with features. Genesis 2.0 is approaching its release and with that, studiopress themes which are based on Genesis framework, will further improve in their quality and performance.

I am using  ELevan 40theme and you can read about it in my previous posts.

Lifestyle Theme Review From Studiopress Themes

lifestyle theme from studiopress

Lifestyle theme comes with 10 color styles and 6 layout options.

You also get custom background, custom header and featured images with it.

Lifestyle theme provides footer widgets, threaded comment and many more features to enhance your blog’s quality.

Lifestyle theme like all other studiopress themes are extremely well coded and therefore page speed is comparatively better in comparison of other themes. Page speed has become a crucial factor in SEO rankings and poor page speed can result in poor SEO resulting reducing free traffic from search engines like Google.

Studiopress themes are supported by a very good community where your queries and questions are responded intantly. You will not need that often as you will get loads of extremely easy to use tutorial from the studiorpress themes.

Studiopress themes are best when it comes to tutorial and help material. Your blog would be up and running quickly if you are going to use studiopress themes. If you want to learn how to install genesis themes including lifestyle, then click here.

Lifestyle theme’s default settings are more than adequate for most of the blogs. You just have to install it and use it. If you want to make customization, then with the help of tutorial, it will be extremely easy to do that.

You will get tutorial at the time of purchase. Along with that, you will get ready to use codes so you don’t have to bother about technical changes also.

Lifestyle Theme Review Conclusion

Lifestyle is one of the best themes along with eleven40 theme from studiopress themes. You can use default theme or make all kind of customization to suite your needs. They are backed by awesome support and you will get free lifetime updates.

Genesis 2.0 will be releasing soon which will take Genesis themes to a entirely different level.

Please leave your comment in case you have any feedback, query or just a comment.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. Nice theme. I think you mentioned about this theme in your another post. You told that this theme is helpful in page load time. I think i should try it
    Thanks Akhilendra

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