What is Your Site Point and Ground?

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I won’t be surprised if you are not very clear about your site point and site ground. In fact, probably you may not even understand terms like site point and site ground.

Site point is the output of your site which is its theme, message or purpose.

Site ground is its current position vis a vis its peers in the concerned niche and it’s USP.

Let me explain, every site or blog is there to serve some purpose. If you think that your purpose is to make money then you need to understand that you cannot make it unless until you serve some purpose for your visitors.

Therefore it is imperative for you to understand the need of your visitors and serve them.

Site Point and Site Ground

site point & site ground

As mentioned earlier, your site point is the point where your visitor’s feels connected to you. They should visit your site directly and not through some search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Site ground helps you site in creating authority in your niche. Without any authority, you cannot expect to make much money in online world.

Creating site point and ground is imperative for your site to grow and sustain in this highly competitive world.

Let’s go through some of the most important aspect of online world which can help you in creating profitable online business. I am writing more from a blogger’s point of view but these techniques are applicable for any kind of online entity.

  1. Write good content and provide good services. Content is the king in case of bloggers and services are the key in case of service and product based websites. In fact, having a blog is must for product and service based sites also. Content marketing is the buzzword. Blogs are best for marketing your product and services. Therefore you should focus on creating better content to engage your readers and customers.
  2. Strictly follow on page optimization techniques to acquire more visitors from search engines. In the past, search engine optimization revolved around higher keyword density and backlink building. But it resulted in high level of spam. Google has made lot of changes in its search algorithm where it has penalized these websites and now focus more on on-page optimization. You can use wordpress plugins like SEOPressor if you are using wordpress. If you are not using wordpress, then you can use some other seo tool to manage SEO. To read details detailed comparison of best seo tools, click here.
  3. Focus on social media marketing, focusing more on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Tool like SEOProfiler helps in managing your social media marketing campaigns also. If you are using wordpress then social metric pro is must for you.
  4. Focus on email marketing. In fact it is said that money is in list. Your subscribers are your biggest friend. You should never spam and use some good email auto-responder like GetResponse to conduct your email marketing campaign. Good email auto-responder provide good features for better targeting. GetResponse provide best features and attractive templates which are extremely good for creating better reputation.

Above mentioned techniques are some of the most important pillars of building online business. Without them, you can never create a site point and ground for your site. Now you don’t need to learn HTML5 JavaScript or join some Web Development Forums but you need to take care of above mentioned points.

Now just to conclude this post, you must understand that your readers and customers are the most important aspect of your online business. You need to focus on acquiring new customers and retaining existing one.

SEO and Content marketing along with social media marketing helps in acquiring new customers.

Content marketing, email marketing along with social media marketing helps in retaining existing customers. To read how to email marketing with content marketing, click here.

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