Google Layoffs – How to Protect Your Career and Finances in Times of Tech Layoffs

Hey everyone, today we are going to talk about tech layoffs. We have seen a spree of layoffs in tech sector impacting big tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Meta and many more. We have also seen layoffs in companies like Goldman Sachs.And the worst part is, it is not limited to one single space […]

LIC Jeevan Saral – Monthly Saving Scheme

LIC Jeevan Saral – Monthly Saving Scheme‏ Highlights Get 10 Lac in 16 Years for any Future requirement by paying just Rs 2042/month. OR Get 15 Lac in 16 years for any Future requirement by paying just Rs 3063/month. Partial or Full withdrawal available after 10 years. Tax exempt Maturity under section 10(10D). On death […]

Tax Saving Schemes in India

As December is coming close, salaried people are gearing up for tax saving and looking for tax saving schemes. In some time, we all will be filing our tax declaration form in our companies and self employed will start preparing for income tax filing. Tax saving is a important ritual of this part of year. […]