SBI TAX Advantage Fund – Series II (G) NFO

SBI TAX Advantage Fund – Series II (G) NFO NFO Opens on : 22-Dec-2011 NFO Closes on   : 21-Mar-2012 Scheme Objective: The investment objective of the scheme is to generate capital appreciation over a period of ten years by investing predominantly in equity and equity-related instruments of companies across large, mid and small market […]

Capital gain tax

Capital gain tax, as the name suggest is the tax on capital gain. It basically refers to profit earned by selling non-inventory asset like shares, mutual funds units etc.  In India, capital gain tax basically comes into the picture for those who deal in shares, mutual funds, bonds, real estate etc. There are different capital […]

Tax Saving Schemes in India

As December is coming close, salaried people are gearing up for tax saving and looking for tax saving schemes. In some time, we all will be filing our tax declaration form in our companies and self employed will start preparing for income tax filing. Tax saving is a important ritual of this part of year. […]

Franklin India Bluechip fund (G)

Franklin India Bluechip fund (G) is a very good fund to buy in the current market scenario. Stock markets are unstable, bluechip funds have not performed very well in the recent past and that’s make them a lucrative option to invest in because their NAVs are at lower levels. Franklin India Bluechip Fund (G) is […]