TATA Capital Home loan Review & Details

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TATA Capital home loan is another home loan which home buyers can consider in India. Tata Capital is the financial arm of the Tata Group. Tata Group is not only one of the biggest business conglomerates in India but it is also known for its high ethical practices.

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Purpose for which you can take home loan from Tata Capital;

  • Self-construction
  • Plot plus self-construction
  • Home improvement / renovation
  • Home extension
  • Re-financing payments for acquisition of the residential property
  • Home loan take-over and enhancements
  • Builder purchase (under construction)
  • Builder purchase (ready property)
  • Resale property

Key Features of Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited:


Loans available from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 10 crore for residential properties

Tenure ranging from 12 months to 240 months

Customized loan options based on your specific needs

Fast-processing with personalized service


Processing Fee — 0.50% plus service tax* out of which Rs.5,000/- plus service tax payable initially at the time of application and the balance processing fee collected on sanctioning of the loan. The initial processing fee paid is non refundable and subsequent to disbursement, the balance processing fees is also non refundable.

*Special schemes available for salaried customers

Stamp Charges: As per stamp charges applicable in state

Cancellation Charges: 1000/-

Cheque dishonour charges/rejection of ECS mandate–Rs.500/- for every Cheque dishonor/ rejection of ECS

Pre Payment Charges: No penalty is charged on Partial pre-payment upto max 25% of principal outstanding in a year. Part Pre payment of more than 25% of principal outstanding will attract a 2% pre payment penalty.

Fore Closure Charges:

(1) Noforeclosure charges applicable

(a)Where the housing loan is floating interest rate basis and

(b) where the housing loan is on fixed interest rate basis and pre-closed out of the customers own sources.

(2) Where housing loan is on fixed interest rate basis and pre-closed other than own sources, 2% plus taxes will be charged on the principal outstanding and all part payments, if any, made within immediate preceding 12 months of such foreclosure.

PDC Swapping Charges: 500/- per swap instance


Delayed Payment Charges: 0.50% per month over and above prevailing interest rate


Collection Agency Charges: As per Actual

Legal Charges: As per Actual


Statement of Account Charges: NIL

Charges for duplicate copy of loan agreement: NIL


Service Tax and any other Government taxes, levies etc applicable as per prevailing rate may be charged over and above these charges


Applicable Rates
(Monthly Rest Basis)

Variable rate of interest *


Self Employed **

Up to and including Rs 15 Lacs- as per RHF* criteria



Up to and including Rs.30 Lacs



Rs.30.01 Lacs to Rs.50 Lacs



Rs.50.01 Lacs to Rs.75 Lacs



Over Rs.75.01 Lacs




Applicable Rates
(Monthly Rest Basis)

Fixed interest rates for 3 years *


Self Employed **

Up to and including Rs 15 Lacs- as per RHF* criteria



Up to and including Rs.30 Lacs



Rs.30.01 Lacs to Rs.50 Lacs



Rs.50.01 Lacs to Rs.75 Lacs



Over Rs.75.01 Lacs



** For self employed category, applicable interest rate shall depend on the income assessment method and other credit parameters subject to the credit policies of the company from time to time.

* The above rates are subject to change without notice.

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  1. Hi Akhilendra ,

    I need a quick information so that a family can have a shelter ..

    My best friend took a Home Loan in Tata Capital for 49 Lakhs on constructed house .. he had paid the installments with out dues till date ..

    sorry to say this .. two days back he had committed suicide …

    Does the nominee has to clear the dues or does the nominee will get any benefits .. because he committed suicide ..

    Please reply ASAP ..

    • I am sorry to hear about friend, but i can’t help in this as it is related to your home loan. Your home loan might be covered by some insurance policy, it varies so i can’t say if home loan of your friend is covered. But there is additional problem that some insurance policies doesn’t cover suicide. So please check with the customer care of tata capita. you can provide your home loan account number and they will give you exact details.

  2. I found your post very interesting and very informative. People can use this as a guide whenever they plan to get a home loan. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Vikas Gupta says

    Hi There,

    I have quit my job last year and started on my own. I booked one 3BHK flat with Experion in Gurgaon. For the same i have asked Tata Capital HFL to give me a loan.

    Agent has promised with conviction that i will get a loan. Even the Tata Capital Sales agent has visited with Credit approval person and assured that Loan need to be structured, but will get the loan.

    I just visited Experion Developers office and was told that Tata Capital is not on the approved Home Loan panel list and hence loan will not go through.

    Its been more than a month and still dont know what will be the outcome.

    Your advise will be helpful.


    Vikas Gupta

    • Honestly, you should contact them and ask them about the status of your application. If it is still in process then you can apply from the approved banks and ask tata capital to cancel your current application. It will help you. It’s better if you directly visit branch and ask with them. You will get instant resolution.

  4. HI All,

    Dont even think about going with Tata Captial they will only know how to cheet someone.they took my processing fee and after that they didnt even process the loan.Now they have only one thing to say that they dont process for B katha and this they didnt know before they collecting the documents and taking out money from my account its been 3 months and i have stoped the construction because of Tata Capitals.


    • Thanks Raghu for sharing your feedback, it will definitely help many buyers who are looking to avail home loan from tata capital. Thanks a lot,

    • Tata Capital says

      Hi Raghu,

      We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused to you. Kindly share your contact details and we will get in touch with you. You can also write to us at [email protected] .
      Tata Capital

  5. Hi Akhilendra,

    We are currently building a house in Bangalore and had applied for loan with Tata Capital(TC) for 18Lacs through an agent. Our loan process started in mid June, initially even after 2 months we didn’t have any response from TC, upon following up they said that our documents were Lost and we had to submit all the documents newly again and the manager promised to action our loan on priority. Even after 5 months we have not received the money nor sanction letter. We were told that the sanction letter is received by them but due to some issue they are not able to proceed. We are not able to go to other banks as house is almost in finishing stage. Called up and personally followed up with manager Tukaram but of now use. Really worst experience, people reading this please don’t go to Tata Capital for loans, worst service. They have taken our processing fee and all doc but of no use, only waste of money.

    Should we take all the documents back from TC?

    • Hi, if your loan is already processed then i don’t think they will refund your processing fees and other charges and you can cancel it with them but if you go to other banks, then you will have to pay everything again. I think there could be issues with the agent also who took your application. I will suggest you to use sites like bankbazaar.com for loan related requirements rather than using some agent who may keep documents with self before submitting them to the mortgage company thus increasing the overall processing time.

      If you are fine with interest rates etc, then try to follow up with them and get it processed. If you want, you can transfer home loan to some other bank at later stage.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. You can contact them at [email protected] and 1800 209 6060

  6. My CIBIL score is 560 and am applying for a B khata property for 35 lakhs..original value is more than 80 lakhs.How TATA HFL will be considering my application and if you can ,suggest any other Banks which gives loans to B khata properties.Thanks

    • Hi Sandhya, your cibil score is average, it’s not excellent. as far as loan is concerned, banks look at the additional factors like your income, any co-applicants etc to determine the eligibility. You can also check out hdfc bank for your loan requirement. You can use bankbazaar.com to check your loan eligibility. It’s a free tool, you can use it to know your eligibility and all the banks which can give you home loan. let me know if you need any other information.

  7. Hi Akhilendra,

    I applied for Loan in TCHFL and got sanctioned in May and finalised a property and followed with them for almost 3 months for the approval.Even the builder is so cooperative and provided the documents needed for the Loan. But its almost 3 months now, nothing was done from there side. Everyday I get update from agent that it will be through with in this week. But only months passed. Last week they said that the project got approved and only I have to sign the documents to disburse the amount. When I called the agent and asked for appointment when to get it signed he replied back that will revert soon. Ironically the builder called and said that the project is not yet approved and the agent asked not to disclose the same to the customer(which is me) and asked for some more documents as they misplaced the docket which was handed over from builder to the agent. Now I applied with other finance company and requesting the TCHFL to return back my documents. But I simply get reply as the person who is suppose to take the file is not in office, or some silly replies. Really its a bad experience for me with TCHFL. Pls let me know how to proceed further and I am really agitated with the methodology they follow and wanted not anyone else to exprience the same.

    • This is a very common problem with sales department across the sectors and companies. They mishandle the client and as they are representing you in their company there is nothing much you can do from your side except applying from some other company. If you had a bad experience try to shoot a mail to their customer service department.

  8. Amit Kushwaha says

    Hi Akhilendra,
    I am on deputation in US, i am looking for a home loan to purchase land in navi Mumbai,I got all this information from tata world website, internal to TCS employees. I tried to contact tata capital customer care, and called on toll free no. But it was switched off every time 🙁 I need your suggestion or any agent reference if you know to get in touch. Thanks for your help!!

    • I am not in Mumbai so can’t help you with some local agent and i will not suggest you to go through any ordinary agent. There are two ways of doing it, one purchase land as NRI or as RI.

      In case you want to do it as RI, you will need power of attorney and processing may be even more complicated if loan amount is more. You can apply as NRI, for professionals like you, i will suggest you to take route of professional loan sites like BankBazaar.com.

      hope that helps.

  9. Harish Kumar says

    Hi Akhilendra,

    I have got Loan sanctioned for the construction from the Tata Finance Bangalore Richmond office , i was only @back end all process was done only by the Agent ,
    and i got the Loan sanction letter, but Money is not disbursed yet ,
    after the Foundation was completed they came for the site and its been 3 weeks, and i have not got Money Disbursed yet , and i have submitted my Original documents , Agent says Case is legalized , and yet to get disbursed, and I’m really panicked not sure what is happening , i have no direct contact with any of TATA Finance guys , do i need to go to the Branch and verify what is happening , can you please help me out , I’m really worried sir .

    Harish Kumar

    • I will suggest you to speak directly to the branch. Though i think you should not worried because if loan is not sanctioned, then your liability is 0. Sometime, documentation is complete from customer’s side but it is not complete from builders/developer’s side. So probably they might be waiting for the builders to provide certain document. At times it has been seen that builders takes more time to provide documents from there as they have to take lot of approval before their project is really eligible for bank disbursements.

      You can also contact them at [email protected] and 1800 209 6060

  10. Hi Akhi
    i purchased flat and i gave them full payment of flat , and flat registerd my name last 2 month now i want to take home loan on my flat is that possible if i take home loan rs. 12 lakh and and my flat registry amount is 18 lakh and market value is near 40 lkah so tata capital is best for me? and they told me that 3 years fix and after that floating ?

    • akhilendra says

      well if you have already purchased flat then i m not sure how they are offering home loan. Probably i am not getting your question. But if you are getting home loan then what will happen to your money which you have paid to the builder. If you have already paid full amount then are they going to return your money to you. Ask Tata Capital what is the maximum amount in percentage of funding they are offering. And try with other banks and financial institutions. Ask them to waive your processing fees. You can save good amount of money on processing fee. Hope everything goes well and congratulations.

  11. Varalakshmi says

    Hi Akhilendra,

    We are thinking of taking a hoem loan up to 30 lacs for purchasing a site from TCHFL or DHFL . May i know what points should be considered before taking a loan.
    I have no clue regarding these loans. Please help me out.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • akhilendra says


      Home loan is a long term commitment so you need to pay special attention to some facts in this. Verify if your loan is fixed or floating rate. There are teaser schemes where they will offer fixed rate for initial few years and then it will become floating rate. other than this, verify your loan agreement, Reset Clause on Fixed Rates, Force Majeure Clause:, Defining a Fault, Security cover at times of falling property rates. These are important features of a home loan.

  12. Hi akhilendra,

    I have taken Home loan in TCHFL and i have lot many questions were running in my mind after taking loan,But most of them have cleared from ur answers.

    I have one question,I have taken loan in the month of June-2012 of 23 Lakhs of loan amount for 240 months.If i want to clear the loan amount after 5 0r 10 Years,Is it possible?
    If possible,can i know how much they will charge to clear.

    Thanks in advance

    • akhilendra says

      Yes, you can preclose your loan before the tenure is completed. They may charge you some amount as preclosure charges. You need to speak to your agent or mail their customer with your loan account number for exact charges applicable for your scheme. These charges may vary for different accounts. So it’s better to get this information from them directly.

  13. Hi akhilendra,

    I have taken Home Loan in TCHFL,But i have lot of questions were going in my mind ,But after seeing ur answers i got most of the aswers clarified.

    But i have one more question,

    I have taken 23Lakhs loan amount for 240 months with 23350 EMI per month,
    If i want to settle down the complete amount in between 240 months.can i do that and how much they charge for that.(Suppose i want to clear my amount after 5 years can i do that?)

    Thanks in Advance

  14. Elango Desingh says


    Im planning to take home loan in tata capital. My frnd took a home loan of Rs 30 lakhs for that he paid Rs 70k as a insurance amount.

    is it mandatory to take insurance for housing loan?

    • akhilendra says

      Yes, you need insurance for home loan but you can take a term insurance policy from any insurance company to cover. These term policies are extremely cheap and your annual premium for Rs30 lacs will be less than Rs10000.

  15. Hello Akhilendra,

    I had taken Home loan recently from TCHFL and am Salried employee @ Bangalore. loan sanctioned was 29.5 Lakh @10.75 interest rate on April 30th 2012. So Now I got that from the above data”Up to and including Rs.30 Lacs – 10.50%” Am I got cheated :). My first EMI dedected since last month.Is interest changed? Hope so. 🙂
    One more info I need.

    I had sent a mail requesting for provisional statement, 2 weeks back to ‘[email protected]’ but no response till now. is there any way get it ASAP.

    Thanks for your indeed support in advance.


    • akhilendra says

      As far as escalation is concerned, I ll suggest you to visit the branch or look for nodal office. Let me know if you need help in finding nodal officer’ s email I’d. Honestly I cannot comment on if you have been cheated bcoz the information is inadequate. I will suggest you to contact tata capital’s nodal officer.

  16. How do you compare the services from TATA to other banks on a home loan?

    • akhilendra says

      Tata is good brand. As far as services is concerned, all private banks are quite good. only trick is the hidden charges. It could vary on the scheme which you get. So before finalizing your deal, make sure you have offers from top few banks/institutions. Then you can look into the charges which can make good amount. So if you can just get your services charges waived which depends upon the agent, you can save lot of money based upon the amount of loan.

  17. Hi Akhilendra !!!! Can you please inform what is the interest rate for TATA Employees within the loan amount of 20 Lacs to 30 Lacs?

    • You will have to check that with your organization to see if there is any employee discount and what is the current discount rate for you?

  18. Most help artciels on the web are inaccurate or incoherent. Not this!

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