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wordpress ad management pluginWordPress is the most popular content management system among bloggers and small businesses. It is not only free and easy to use but also with the help of variety of plugins and themes, you can add variety of features to your blog.

One of most primary objective behind blogging or setting up a website is business. If you too are looking to make money online through blogging or website then you need tools which can help you in monetizing your blog.

Two most common method of online money making through blogging are;

In affiliate marketing, it is recommended to use wordpress cloaking plugins to protect your affiliate links and make money. It has been seen that money user tend to remove affiliate id from the link before they make purchase thereby depriving you of a well deserved commission. So you should link cloaking plugins like maxblogpress ninja to protect your affiliate link and monetize your blog.

But this post is not about affiliate marketing, this post is about monetizing through displaying ads. There are three type of ads which you may display on your blog;

  1. Adsense ads units
  2. Affiliate banner ads
  3. Selling ad space on your blog through sites like buysellads

Under all these circumstances, you will need something to display ads. To put simple ad banners in your sidebar, you can simply put the html code in text widget and place it wherever you want but if you want to do more or have better control then you can’t achieve it without using some additional tool.

You may want to show banner in;

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Below title in the post
  • In the post
  • Below post
  • 125×125 squares in the sidebar
  • Different ads in different posts

There are varieties of plugins to do that. There are adsense themes for wordpress, but in this post we will focus on plugins because they will suffice for your adsense related requirements also.

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

OIO Publisher – it is the most popular wordpress ad management plugin. OIO Publisher is a premium plugin therefore it is only for those bloggers who are ready to invest in their blogs. This plugin help in having full control on ad display and yet monetizing it in a much efficient manner. OIO publisher is used to sell ad space on your blog. So if you are looking sell ad space then it is the perfect plugin for you. You can create ad zones, set pricing and control each & every of ad management. You can also sell digital products using OIO Publisher.

If you decide to purchase OIO publisher, then you can use OIO publisher discount coupon “SPR13-MAY2013 ”.

Adsanity Plugin – this is also one of the best wordpress ad management plugin. Adsanity plugin provide variety of features which are extremely strategic in taking your ad management and monetization to the next level. You can display single ads, multiple rotating ads, schedule ads for specific period and do many unconventional things to accelerate the entire process of ads in wordpress.

Easy adsense – it is one of the best free wordpress ad management plugin to display adsense ads. You can display adsense ad units in the variety of location in post and sidebars.

Ad square widget – if you wanted to display 125×125 ad units in your sidebar then ad square widget is one of the best plugin to do that. I have used it myself and was quite satisfied with it. You can display four pairs of ads. You can configure it lot of things with this wordpress ad management plugin.

Adrotate – it is a free wordpress ad management plugin. You can create groups using adrotate plugin. It is really great plugin for those bloggers who are looking for free ads plugin.

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins Conclusion

These are some of the finest Best Ad Management Plugin WordPress available to manage ads and make money in a wordpress blog. If you are using any other plugin or have any suggestion, please leave your comments.

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Sharing is Caring
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