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Did you always wanted to make money but failed miserably? Well you are not alone.

Affiliate marketing is the primary source of income for internet marketing blogs but over the last few years, affiliate marketing has been flooded with all kind of peoples.

So lots of wrong products have been promoted and as a result, people now don’t trust reviews on ordinary blogs.

Most of the blogger struggle to make any money and the primary reason behind is the fact that most of the bloggers don’t have any brand and when they push anything to sell, they hardly succeed.

Unless until you have your own brand, it is extremely difficult for you to make any sale and it is not only difficult to make a brand for you but also it is time consuming.

You also need funds and strategy to build your brand.

You can use programs like FBInfluence and Linkedinfluence to accelerate your branding process by leveraging social media platforms.

But what to do in the meantime;

use Trustjacker.

What is Trustjacker?

Trustjacker Review


Trustjacker is a hell of a weird wordpress plugin which can simply skyrocket your affiliate incomes.

TrustJacker uses a new but very innovative way of affiliate marketing.

You are not selling anything, you are simply sharing content from some of the most established names in the world.

Ok can you answer one simple question to me?

Do you approach, wallstreet journal and an ordinary blog in same way?

Answer has to be NO.

When you read something on cnn or bbc or wallstreet, you believe that, reason is simple.

They have got a huge brand.

When it comes to blog like yours or mine, come on man, it is often visited by the affiliate marketers like you & me who are aware of the fact that we are going to get commission for the product we are promoting and as we don’t have a brand like them, we just don’t make it.

In fact, I am also going to get commission for this product and chances are most of you won’t buy it just because of the above stated fact.

Because you believe that I’m promoting it only because I am going to get commission, honestly it’s my blog I never promote those products which are not good, again for my branding purpose.

How Can TrustJacker Skyrocket your affiliate commissions?

As mentioned earlier, trustjacker can simply skyrocket your affiliate commission incomes. As an internet marketer, you know it is a pain in ass when you do everything right and see no sales.

I too have faced that.

But TrustJacker has changed everything.

Trustjacker is a wordpress plugin which changes the way affiliate links are used.

It is not link cloaking.

To use it, you need two links and in two steps, you can create magic.

online money making with trustjacker


internet marketing tips with trustjacker

Step one– Select a link from established sites like cnn (destination link).

Step two– Get your affiliate product link with your affiliate id in that.

It will insert your affiliate links in the destination link and create a new link which will look like a cloaked link.

You share the newly created link on social networking sites. You can use a trending topic to grab more eyeballs like some news article from cnn related to US presidential elections or some other hot topic.

As this is a hot topic, everyone is going to click on that. Once they click on that, they will be taken to the destination site, in our example it is while they are reading, they will be presented with a pop-up with your affiliate offer.


I am telling you this is the perfect solution for internet marketing professionals.

You can customize your affiliate pop up also; you can customize it design, make it an exit pop up or set a time when it appears after destination url is opened like 5, 10 seconds.


In simple words, you are using trust and brand of an established entity to promote your products.

Therefore, more income.

Turstjacker is an awesome wordpress plugin for internet marketing. As it is backed by 30 day money back guarantee, I will suggest you to try it.

Even I was quite skeptical about it and I bought it only because I liked the concept and 30 day money back guarantee was there.

Internet marketing requires investment.

If you don’t earn enough to cover your cost, you can always claim a refund.

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  1. Very nice article, thanks for sharing.. I am going to apply affiliate advertising on my blog.

  2. i am always looking for informative post.and finally i got this. Thanks for the good resource out here. Thanks For Share with us.

  3. Hi,
    Loved the post great article and congrats on reaching the top 50 I will be back to visit often

  4. Wow! This is incredibly incredible.
    I just tried the demo and was so amazed.
    Tell me, is there no way to close the pop up?

    • basically it because of the size of the pop up (it’s demo i put in, so couldn’t look after the size), if the pop is small then “X” will be visible which can be used to close the pop up. i have been using 600 X 500 which is like conventional pop ups so you can easily close that.

      • hi akhilendra i am part time blogger and now i want to start affiliate marketing please tell what is the first step of affiliate marketing. can i directly start with trustjacker?

        • Affiliate marketing is nothing else than selling others product on commision. As you have already a blog, you know how to blog, you can use same blog or setup a different blog if your affiliate marketing is going to target different niche. So it’s more about the niche you select and then you need to create a good blog on that niche. It’s a step by step process where you first establish your blog and then you push affiliate products. If you need information on setting up a blog which is nice for affiliate marketing then click here.

          Right now, trustjacker is not accepting anymore clients and i m not sure when it will open again. So i will suggest you to first read about affiliate marketing and internet marketing and then venture into it because it will require money and efforts both. So invest wisely.

          Please let me know if you have any question.

  5. Akhilendra, this is a very interesting of advertising. I would not turn away from it because of your link. I would want to do more homework, but it is a good way to let quality brands work for you.

    • Thanks Michael for stopping by, it’s true that it is a very good way and honestly when i bought it, i was quite skeptical about it but as there is a month money back guarantee i bought it. It’s been two days since i got it, i can say that i can see results.


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