Wishtel IRA Specfications and Details

Wishtel IRA Thing Specfications and Details Google Android 2.2 7.0 inch Touch Screen Internet Explorer,Media Player, Photo viewer,Office, MSN, Skype, IREAD, GAME WI-FI (802.11 b/g, 5 Hours play time) News, Sports, Shopping, Weather, Banking, Stocks etc. Socialize on Facebook, Twitter, Chat on Msn Talk, Yahoo messenger, Google Applications like Google Maps External Microphone, 3.5mm Earphone, […]

Price of 3G phones in India

3G phones have been quite popular in India and price is the biggest factor which makes impact in this segment of the users. 3G phones are one of the latest breed of smart phones in Indian market and but 3g price in India is going to determine their future here.   Price is the most critical […]

Sony tablet Price and Review

Sony tablet is one of the latest entrants in the tablet market. Sony is well known to dominate the markets but probably because of its late entry, it has failed to create that kind of impact for which it is generally known. But nonetheless, it is one of the most beautiful tablets available in the […]

Nikon Coolpix Camera prices and Details

Nikon Coolpix Camera prices and Details– Nikon does not require any introduction. They are one of the finest and biggest digital camera producing firms. Nikon Coolpix Series is one of the best Point & Shoot digital Camera range in the world. They are popular all over the world and fairly easy to learn & use. […]

Dell 15R Inspiron Review, Specifications & Price

Dell 15R Inspiron is one of the best budget laptops in India. Dell 15R Inspiron is the 15 inch screen laptop of Dell R Inspiron Series. Dell Inspiron is one of the most successful brands in laptops across globe. It is widely sold in various forms and with various specifications. But in each market, it […]

Best Budget Laptops in India

Best budget or economical laptops in India consist of laptops which are under Rs 40000 mark. They may or may not be budget laptops for you but if they are out of the budget for you, then you can look at your budget and see what could be removed from these laptops. Because the cost […]

Best phones under Rs 10000

Best phones under Rs 10000– are the hottest and toughest segment in Indian cell phone market. It is targeted by most of the cell phone makers operating in Indian market. The primary reason behind is that this is the segment where most of the buying takes place. From students to self employed people and not […]

Best Interchangeable Lens Camera in India

Best Interchangeable Lens Camera in India — With the rise of technology, we can see lot of hybrid gadgets floating around across segments to fit various customer needs. Point and shoot cameras are very basic in nature and DSLRs are very high end which may be slightly over for certain customers. So we are now […]

Best premium Smartphone in India

Best premium Smartphone in India will cover smart phones in premium segment. In one of our previous post, we have looked at some of the best affordable Smartphone in India. This post is the extension of that post and we are going to explore best smart phones which are expensive than average phones. These phones […]

Best Affordable Smartphones in India

It is very difficult to sort out best affordable smart phones in India.  And in case of smart phones, there would be always a different meaning of best for different individuals.  For some, definition of best for smart phones would be internet browsing; some will focus on social networking and then camera, video, games or […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review, Specification & Price in India

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is much awaited phone from global giant Samsung. Samsung has been producing quality smart phones in the last couple of years. Most of these phones are powered by Android and so as Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is running on Android OS, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The “Ice Cream Sandwich” not […]

HTC Radar Review, Specification & Price in India

HTC Radar is one more attempt from HTC to strengthen its foothold in smart phone market. HTC Radar is another beautifully made smart phone from HTC. The built quality is excellent and you will be impressed with the very first look of it. But HTC Radar is slightly different than many other HTC’s smart phone […]

HTC Rhyme Specification, Review & Details in India

HTC Rhyme is another smart phone from HTC targeted at the higher segment of smart phone users in India. HTC Rhyme’s USP is its good look and a very good camera. In the past few months, Indian cell market has been bombarded with smart phones. It is very difficult for any phone to stand out […]