Commentluv Vs Disqus: Review of Best Comment System

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commentluv Vs Disqus

Have you been trying to get comments on your blog? Or you just want to add some spice to your blog in order to increase the user experience. Comments serve all kind of purposes for a blogger. Comments help a blog by;

  • Adding fresh content for SEO.
  • Create a active and live community around your blog.
  • Helps you in getting returning visits thereby reducing your dependency on SEO and social media.
  • They help in creating a brand value for your blog.
  • Create a following which can be easily converted into customers.

There are numerous benefits of comments and therefore most of the bloggers pay special attention to the comment feature in wordpress or any other CMS. If you are clear about how to handle comments on your blog then please leave comments to help others also.

And if you are confused about how to handle comments then join us in this blog commenting discussion where we are going to look at some of the best comment system which can be used to encourage your users to leave comment on your blog.

There is a wordpress default comment system which allows any user to leave their comment. By many it is considered as best. Simply because in absence of any special feature or tool, users with genuine intentions only comment on your blog, rather than users with vested interest, like a backlinks.

But often blogs, with no special tool or feature, look dull and numbers of comments on them are relatively low. It’s not that everybody comment just to get back link but you need some trigger to drive your visitor to a point where they join that discussion.

Blogs with less number of comments or without any cutting edge tool, look dull and often fail to stimulate users. Human tend to move in herds. If there are already many comments, most of the users tend to comment whereas if there are no comment, they simply read and leave.

so blogs with special feature and tool tend to attract more comments in comparison of those blogs with default wordpress or cms comment system.

But there is a drawback of having some special feature at place and that is, too many spam comments. As mentioned earlier, there are many who comment for backlinks. Most of these spammers don’t even read your post; they simply scan through your post and leave a generic comment. If you have been doing so, then you are doing a great disservice to your blog as your comments reflect your personality and you should never leave generic comments.

You should always add value to a post by leaving valuable comment. If you don’t have anything to add then better don’t comment rather than adding something very generic.

But nonetheless, as a webmaster, you always have control on comments on your blog. You can reject any comment if they don’t meet your requirement. So you can manage this part.

Now coming to best comment system;

  • Commentluv Premium
  • Disqus

Commentluv Vs Disqus

In order to further examine Commentluv Vs Disqus, we need to first understand these two services.

Commentluv Premium – commentluv is a premium wordpress commenting system whose free version is also available but if you decide to use it, and then I will suggest you to use its fully fledged premium version which comes with variety of features. Read CommentLuv Plugin Review

Commentluv premium encourage your visitors to leave comment on your blog by providing them a backlink to their sites. They can also endorse their twitter handler. If they want more options to choose from, then they can get it by sharing your sites on social networking sites. It gets you really great exposure on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

So overall commentluv Premium provide enough reason for your visitors to leave their comments while getting you fresh content through comments and social media exposure which eventually help you in creating a community around your blog and consistent traffic.

Commentuv premium also provide additional features like Replyme where it will send a notification email to the author of the post in case there is a new comment on the post. It is extremely helpful in case of multi author blogs. So if you are accepting guest post on your blog, then it is a very good feature.

It also come loaded with GASP which act as spam filter and is extremely helpful in control spam on your blog.

Overall commentluv premium is a great plugin to have. This Blog Uses CommentLuv Premium.

Have a look at comment on this blog using commentluv Premium;

commentluv premium best comment system

Disqus – disqus is a commenting service which has evolved a lot in last few years. It can be integrated into various content management systems like wordpress, vbulletin and xenforo etc. it is extremely popular and it is used by some of the biggest websites in the world like CNN.

This is the screenshot from a xenforo based education & fun forum;

disqus best comment system

Disqus initially had a drawback where in order to comment using it, user were required to sign up for disqus. As a result, there were many users who will just not leave their comment but it got updated last year and users can now use their facebook, twitter and google credentials to sign in and comment.

It also displays related posts from your site and other sites.

Commenter can share the comment and subscribe to the comment’s RSS using disqus.

Few webmasters have reported that disqus causes slow page load speed but there is no confirmation on that. So if you want you can give it a try and see yourself.

It also has got a community feature which is also quite popular. You can use Disqus wordpress plugin to easily integrate it into wordpress.

Commentluv Vs Disqus Conclusion

I don’t think its about commentluv Vs disqus, they both are separate services and tools. They both have got their pros and cons. Despite providing login with twitter, facebook and google, if you have got a average blog then chances are users may still not prefer to comment due to lack of any incentive whereas in case of commentluv premium, as there is a incentive in the form of backlinks, they may end up commenting.

So it depend more on the current status of your blog. One major drawback of disqus is the fact that you will loose all of your comments if you stop using disqus whereas there is nothing like that in case of commentluv premium.

I have been using commentluv premium for a while now on this blog, I am extremely happy with it.

You can pick either of them which is best comment system for you based on your preference.

Please share this post and your thoughts.

Sharing is Caring
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    Disqus on the other hand attracts more real people and provides some great tools for easy management as well. Overall it’s a hard choice to make.

    • That’s true Nishadha, but i have experienced spam comments on disqus also. I guess there can’t be anything spam proof. but anyway, as you mentioned it could be a hard choice. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.

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  41. I have been doing some research and it seems that commentluv seems to be most peoples’ preference. But what is the real difference between commentluv and premium commentluv? Im considering having it on my own website’s blog to entice more people to comment.

    • Commentluv is a free version with limited functionality where your users will get a backlink whereas in commentluv premium, you will get whole lot of other features like social media integration and spam control along with replyme. You can read detailed review of commentluv Premium here

  42. I have always loved using Commentluv Premium because it allows give and take relationship with my commenters. No matter what their intentions are, I get a certain satisfaction that by allowing them to comment and leave their backlinks at the same time, I am also doing them a favor. This mutual benefits we get thru CommentLuv is something that I really like most.

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