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godaddy vps review

Godaddy VPS Review-Godaddy is one of the biggest web host and domain registrars in the world. They also offer many other services to support online businesses like SEO, website building, email marketing, social media marketing etc.

Godaddy is not only the biggest, but also one of the most trusted names in web hosting industry. In this review of Godaddy, I will be talking about VPS  or virtual private server hosting.

This is a Godaddy VPS review where I will try to touch upon all the pain areas and features which a end user seek while surfing for VPS hosting.

VPS is also sometime referred as Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting so don’t confuse it with dedicated server hosting.

I have mentioned in my previous posts that you cannot expect a successful online business without a sound hosting. It could be shared, VPS or dedicated server hosting, but good hosting is required in all circumstances.

If you are looking for shared hosting, then click here.

Godaddy VPS Review

VPS server hosting is ideal for those whose websites have grown to a size where it is not sustainable on shared hosting or you want to host multiple sites.

Performance is a major a concern in current world for end users as well as search engines.

Therefore you have to pay attention to your web page load time.

You need to ensure a good page speed and a good web host is the first step towards that.

If you are looking for a vps for your wordpress based site the WPEngine is best for you. But if you have non-wordpress based sites, then Godaddy is one of the best option available. In this godaddy vps review, we are going to see if godaddy can help you in doing that.

In this godaddy vps review, i will only cover vps services.

Let’s quickly go through their packages and their features.

Godaddy VPS Review Operating System Details

Operating Systems CentOS Fedora Windows  (Windows Server 2008 Standard 64-bit)
Ram Available 1 GB To 8 GB 1 GB To 8 GB 2 GB To 8 GB
Storage 40 GB To 240 GB 40 GB To 240 GB 30 GB To 120 GB
Bandwidth 1000 GB/mon to 8000 GB/mon 1000 GB/mon to 8000 GB/mon 2000 GB/mon to 8000 GB/mon
Pricing Starts from $29.99 Starts from $29.99 Starts from $39.99
Control Panel Parallel Plesk, cpanel/whm (on demand) NA Parallel Plesk
All Godaddy VPS accounts come;Free rapid setup, free SSL certificate, 3 dedicated IPs, FTP access, bandwidth overage protection, tipping point intrusion prevention system, asia pacific server available for customers for this region, local currency like Indian rupees available, and local support avalaible for specific countries like India other than USA.


Tippingpint intrusion prevention system is a very good service offered by godaddy. It prevents your site from malicious attacks by scanning the traffic.

As mentioned earlier, godaddy is one of the most reliable names in web hosting industry and vps hosting is not an exception. As they are well established, they can afford high quality infrastructure.

But there is one thing which needs a mention and that is support for vps hosting. As per godaddy, if the source of the technical problem is from Godaddy’s side then they will do it for free or else they may charge for some of the maintenance support.

Example of free support services given on their website are;

  1. Your server becomes unreachable due to a network failure within our facility.
  2. Your server becomes unreachable due to a hardware failure within our facility.
  3. The hosting service setup process failed to complete successfully.
  4. A root user password change request failed to resolve successfully.

If you are non-technical user, then you will find it hard to maintain a VPS account as it will require you to monitor and support it yourself.

And in case, you need something you will have to pay godaddy which will push your cost up.

Therefore, if you are fine in handling your vps account, then godaddy is one of the best option.

If you are looking for managed vps hosting, then I will recommend, knowhost.

I am using them and they perform literally everything without any cost. You can read their detailed review here. That’s it for the feature.

As promised in this godaddy vps review, i have only covered VPS features and details.

GoDaddy VPS Coupon and Promo Codes

In this godaddy review, i am also adding their discount link which can be used for great bargains at godaddy. Godaddy offer Affordable VPS Hosting but to further sweeten you deal, click on the link below to avail 50% discount on all kind of web hosting purchases on Godaddy. You can use this link for Go Daddy VPS Hosting Coupon also.

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Godaddy VPS Review Conclusion

In this Godaddy VPS review, i have tried to put a consolidated picture so that you can make your mind. Godaddy VPS is good but it’s not very economical in comparison of the services they offer and largely it can be classified as “Unmanaged”. There is nothing wrong with Godaddy, it’s just that if you are looking for managed VPS, then you need to look elsewhere. Knowhost is one of the best managed VPS and they are extremely economical also.Having said that, Go Daddy Virtual Dedicated Server are reliable and you can use them to help your business.

I have used quite a few host in the past and I must say you will not get everything you seek or rather, you will get what you pay for.

As per this Godaddy VPS review, Godaddy is fine but if you are looking for best VPS, then as per me, knowhost is the best. But still, it can’t take away anything from the fact that some of the biggest websites in the world are using Godaddy to host their websites.

So finally it comes back to individual preference. I don’t trust any other web hosting company other than godaddy to manage my domain registration and other services.

I have used them and had no problem till I wanted to move to VPS. After spending over a year with hostgator, I finally moved to knowhost, simply because they offered everything at a lesser prices. Therefore you have to take your call based on certain factors. Knowhost and hostgator are good godaddy alternatives for vps hosting.

These factors are;

  • Reliability of web hosting company
  • Quality of hardware and software used by that company. This factor is often associated with the economical size of the company as smaller companies won’t be able to afford high quality hardware and software.
  • Managed or unmanaged VPS based on your preference and skills.
  • Number of features offered at a particular price.

If a web host pass these factors, then you are good to go. Godaddy is no doubt best domain registrar and one of the best web host for shared hosting available in entire web hosting space.

If you have any concern or feedback about godaddy, please share it.

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