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If you are a webmaster or blogger who is looking to graduate to a VPS server or dedicated server, then you have probably started window shopping for vps & dedicated server hosting.

Or if you are already using VPS or dedicated server hosting from some web host and looking to switch to some other, this knowhost review will help you in getting your thoughts together.

You may think about switching from current web host due to variety of reasons, to name a few;

  1. Host issues like downtime
  2. Poor customer support
  3. Expensive VPS or Dedicated server hosting

I have recently switched to knowhost from hostgator. My reason is simple;

Hostgator is not very expensive and their hosting and customer service is awesome, but I was getting all of these features in lesser price from knowhost.

So I decided to switch from hostgator VPS to Knowhost VPS.

I am writing this knowhost VPS review and Dedicated Server reviw based on my experience with them which is simply “awesome“.

Knowhost Review-VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

I am only using VPS but I have also included dedicated server review because some of my friends wanted me to do some research on that and get information for dedicated servers also.

In fact, VPS and dedicated server hosting are quite close to each other so often web host which are good for one would be equally good for other, as it require almost same infrastructure and other set up.

I did lot of research before settling with Knowhost.

As I was quite happy with Hostgator, I wasn’t in a hurry to switch my host. I wanted to make sure that my next web host should be as capable as hostgator. In fact, hostgator is still my preferred choice for shared web hosting. To get list of best shared web hosts, click here.

After lot of research, I figured out that knowhost is best vps for webmasters like me. Some of it’s biggest USP are;

  • Fully managed VPS
  • Extremely efficient customer support where you queries will be answered almost instantly through emails.
  • Free migration with absolutely no downtime
  • Extremely economical-Offer more features and better specification in lesser prices especially when you compare it with other competitive hosts like hostgator, inmotion and others.

One of the biggest factor for me is the server response time which directly affects my page speed. I must say, I am extremely pleased with it. I am using maxcdn along with knowhost vps, but nonetheless, knowhost is superior to many well established web hosts as far as their server response time is concerned.

As mentioned earlier, I got free migration for my four websites with no downtime.

I just raised a ticket through their helpdesk and entire migration was done in less than 15 hours. Then I updated my nameservers with my domain registrar and I was all set.

Note, if you are planning to migrate from one web host to another then don’t cancel your account with your existing host instantly. You should wait for at least a week after migration is successful before canceling your existing account.

So coming back to knowhost review, it was an awesome experience to move to knowhost with everything being like a walk in a beautiful garden.

Along with migration and server response time, another best part about knowhost is their pricing.

There are other web host offering vps and other kind of services in lesser price, but you won’t get better quality infrastructure and support.

knowhost vps review

Knowhost is one of the most competitive web hosts for VPS and dedicated server and yet their packages are better than others.

You will get more space, bandwidth and CPU in lesser pricing. This is the most importa

nt aspect of it.

If you are getting same service and it is costing you lesser than your existing host, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars.

In business, there are two ways of making money, one increase your revenue and other is, reduce your cost.

So if your VPS hosting is charging you more than knowhost, then you must consid

er switching to knowhost.

My entire argument stand valid for knowhost dedicated server hosting also, as their pricing, infrastructure and support for dedicated servers is also equally good.

Knowhost Review- VPS and Dedicated Servers

As I have already talked about knowhost pricing, let’s go through vps packages to know exactly what they offer and how much they charge for it;

Knowhost Review VPS Pricing

Package Name Important Features Price
VPS-1 Guaranteed RAM-512MBRAID 10 Disk Space 20 GB8+ CPUs- 1x Prioritybandwidth 1500 GB $25 monthly, $73.50 quarterly, $285 yearly
VPS-2 Guaranteed RAM-1024MB,RAID 10 Disk Space 50 GB8+ CPUs – 2x priorityBandwidth 2500 GB $35 monthly, $102 quarterly, $400 yearly
VPS-3 Guaranteed RAM-1536 MB,RAID 10 Disk Space 65 GB8+ CPUs – 2x priorityBandwidth 3500 GB $45 monthly, $131.50 quarterly, $510 yearly
VPS-4 Guaranteed RAM-2048 MB,RAID 10 Disk Space 80 GB8+ CPUs – 4x priorityBandwidth 5000 GB $60 monthly, $175 quarterly, $685 yearly
VPS-5 Guaranteed RAM-2536 MB,RAID 10 Disk Space 100 GB8+ CPUs – 4x priorityBandwidth 6500 GB $75 monthly, $215 quarterly, $855 yearly
VPS-6 Guaranteed RAM-3072 MB,RAID 10 Disk Space 120 GB8+ CPUs – 8x priorityBandwidth 8000 GB $95 monthly, $275 quarterly, $1080 yearly
VPS-7 Guaranteed RAM-4096 MB,RAID 10 Disk Space 150 GB8+ CPUs – 8x priorityBandwidth 10000 GB $120 monthly, $350 quarterly, $1365 yearly


You will get everything else under the sun to run your VPS from knowhost like cpanel etc.

knowhost Review dedicated server hosting;

Package Name Important Features Price
CPU Q9550 (4×2.83GHz 12MB)
Bandwidth 8000GB
Port Speed 100 Mbit
Control Panel cPanel + Softaculous/RVSkins
Datacenter Central (TX)


$199/179 monthly
CPU Xeon (4×3.33GHz 8MB)
Bandwidth 9000GB
Port Speed 100 Mbit
Control Panel cPanel + Softaculous/RVSkins
Datacenter Central (TX)


$229/209 monthly
CPU i7-3770 (2×3.4GHz 8MB)
Bandwidth 10000GB
Port Speed 100 Mbit
Control Panel cPanel + Softaculous/RVSkins
Datacenter Central (TX)


$259/239 monthly
CPU Xeon (12×2.2GHz 15MB)
Bandwidth 15000GB
Port Speed 100 Mbit
Control Panel cPanel + Softaculous/RVSkins
Datacenter Central (TX)


$319/299 monthly


As you can see, knowhost offers great features at great prices.

Knowhost Review Conclusion

Knowhost is one of the best web host around for VPS and dedicated server hosting. They have only one drawback and that is absence of live chat. But their customer support team is really efficient and the way they reply to your email is really almost real time. So often you will not lack that part.

In case of dedicated server hosting, you may still look at some of other hosts like inmotion, but as far as VPS hosting is concerned, I don’t see any reason why you should still continue with your current host.

Please share your comment, concern or queries.

Sharing is Caring
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