MaxCDN Review and Discount Coupon

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maxcdn review and discount coupon

Maxcdn is one of the most popular CDN or content delivery network for blogs and websites. But before we get into MaxCDN Review, we must understand why using a content delivery network like MaxCDN is so important. What does makes it so important that you should spend extra bucks on getting it on the top of your web hosting.

Why CDN?

Over last couple of years, Google has been putting lot of focus on user experience of a website. Page speed is one of the first factor which affect the user experience of a website. A slow loading website, irrespective of its quality, is a disaster. Nobody likes to wait for a website to load. Most of the blogs and small websites have limited resources to look after the technical side of their website. You too might have done many things to improve its appearance like using images, videos etc. but do you know that they have a negative impact on your website’s loading speed unless until you have been working on optimizing it’s html and other aspect of a website’s design like CSS, php code?

Similarly wordpress user tend to use all kind of plugins to enhance their blog’s features but little they know that most of these plugins take a toll on page speed.

Images, videos, related post plugins and social media plugins are some of the biggest culprit as far resource consumption by them is concerned but at the same time they are imperative for any blog or website to do well.

You can measure your website’s page speed at;

You should try to measure speed of your peers also to have a broad understanding of your current competition.

Caching is one of the most popular technique to reduce page speed. Content delivery networks which is a network of servers, use caching and deliver your content from a location closed to your user’s location thereby, improving the overall page speed.

In simple terms, CDN will deliver cached content of your website using a wide spread network of servers. For example, if your visitor is from India, it will use a server which will be close to India to deliver content which will significantly reduce the page load time whereas without a CDN, your content is delivered directly from your web hosts server. So if your web host is located in USA, then your content will be delivered from there which will increase the page load time.

Therefore CDN or content delivery network server is a must have in current world. The best part about using CDN is the fact that it is extremely economical if you are using MaxCDN and with MaxCDN, it is extremely easy to integrate it with your website.

MaxCDN Review

As mentioned in the previous section, MaxCDN is extremely economical and easy to use. You can set up your account in seconds and your website is ready to rock n roll in minutes.

MaxCDN is world’s best content delivery network for all kind of website, from a small blog to big websites. It is being used by brands like GARMIN, stackoverflow, stumbleupon, TNW, Disqus and many more global brands to deliver their content quickly and swiftly across globe.

MaxCDN provide comprehensive CDN service by enabling compression and then delivering it using their wide spread network.

I have been using MaxCDN for quite some time now and I must admit, it has really improved by page speed looking at the kind of plugins and scripts I use on my website.

If you are using wordpress then you can use W3C Total Cache plugin to integrate it, to read how to integrate maxcdn with wordpress, click here.

MaxCDN Discount Coupon

MaxCDN offer 1 tb data at $39.95 and you can get further bargain by using discount coupon “akhilendramaxcdn”. Your final price would be around $30 and for an average website, 1 TB data is huge.

MaxCDN improves your

  • SEO
  • User Experience
  • User Retention
  • Protect your site from crash due to surge in traffic
  • To name some of the features offered by MaxCDN,
  • It can be easily integrated in variety of content management system like wordpress, vbulletin, xenforo etc.
  • GZip compression
  • IP Resolution
  • Query string
  • Content disposition
  • Strip all cookies
  • Pseudo streaming
  • Use stale
  • Ignore cache control
  • Servers across world including asia,Europe and USA.
  • MaxCDN SSL

MaxCDN Review Conclusion

In this MaxCDN review, I have tried to cover broader aspect of it. You can’t go wrong with MaxCDN but if you don’t want to use it, that’s fine but still you must use some CDN service provider. MaxCDN is the Fastest CDN.

Page speed is not only essential for SEO but also, for great user experience which is the key to customer acquisition and retention.

CDN like MaxCDN also helps in preventing your site from crash, so it also saves your business and reputation.

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    • You can create a free paypal account to make purchase. Paypal is kind of must if you are a blogger because you can use it with variety of merchant. Please let me know. And yes, you can use debit cards to make purchase.

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  3. There are many factors that can influence the speed at which your website is served to visitors in their web browsers when they pay a visit.

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