How To Do Split Testing in Email Marketing

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how to do split testing in email marketing

How comfortable are you with your email marketing campaign? Have you been getting desired results?

Most of the marketers across globe suffer from low strike rates when it comes to getting desired results from their marketing campaigns and email marketing is not an exception. You might be putting whole lot of efforts in getting offers and collecting email subscribers but they are of no use or little use, if you are not getting desired results.

Do you too suffer from low email open rate?

if yes, then chances are you don’t know what’s wrong with your email marketing campaign. People often don’t know what wrong with their campaign. But can you afford to continue like that or live in denial.

If you are already into it, then it’s better to focus and try to get best out of it.

Email Split Testing or Ab Split Testing can really help you in knowing “What work” and “what not work” for you.

What is Split Testing?

Split testing which also known as A/B is testing is the process of testing different versions of your email and sees how they perform.

Split testing has proven to be exceptionally useful for marketers across niches to improve their conversion rates.

You can’t even imagine the impact it may have on your conversion rates and it provides a huge opportunity to make money from your email marketing campaign.

Benefits of split testing

  • Improved response and conversion rates
  • Increased in sales and revenue
  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Increased customer retention

How To Do Split Testing in Email Marketing

As mentioned earlier, split testing is all about testing different variants of your emails. If it sounds too much then remember, it worth taking some pain. Anyway, if you are using GetResponse, then it can do split testing on auto-pilot. GetResponse email autoresponder can perform split testing automatically, so it is fairly easy for you. GetResponse’s users can split test upto 5 variants of their emails.

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Ok, so now coming back to how to do split testing, it is a step by step process where you will have to test multiple variants of different elements of your emails.

I have listed down some of the most important steps in split testing.

How To Do Split Testing

Test your Subject line

Subject line is extremely important in your emails. It shown in the inbox and it has been found that it is one of the biggest trigger in driving users to open your emails. You can test different version of your subject lines. You can create three different subject lines based on;

Plain and simple subject line which clearly states the content of your email like “Make Money Online”

Adding some punch and dramatic phrase like “Work From Home-Make $10000 in xx hrs”

Personalization with a subject line which generate curiosity like “Akhilendra, Do you want to make money from home”

You can send out same emails with three different subject lines to different segment of your email subscribers and see which one delivers better result for you.

From Field

From field is also one of the most important elements of your emails and you can further customize it get better results? But before you finalize your format, split test in order to understand your subscribers. You can try different variant of “From field” in your emails like “Name Plus Company” or “Prestige title Plus Company”.


You often email to your subscribers talking variety of offers and discount. It is critical to represent it in the best possible manner. You can represent a offer in percentage and in amount as well. Additional punching lines also spice up your emails so don’t hesitate in testing different versions of sale offers like “Buy One, Get One Free” , “50% Discount on second item” etc.

Email Content

Email content and its length are extremely important for success in email marketing. Purpose of split testing in email marketing is to determine what works and what not, therefore it is important to test which email content and length works for you. You can communicate same message in different language, style and length.

Don’t forget to split test your email content.

You can create emails in different length. Sometime shorter emails are better especially when you are trying to drive your subscribers to a landing page and objective is to make them click on the link given in the email.

Other Important elements in split testing emails

Design, fonts, format and sending time are other important aspect which needs to be thoroughly tested. You can tryout different versions. You will always have subscribers from different countries especially for bloggers and internet marketers. If your emails are reaching at a uncomfortable time for them, then chances are they may not even open it. Therefore it is important to send emails based on local time but despite that, you have to check if your subscribers tend to open your emails in the morning, afternoon or evening. Hence, it is important to split test these things also.

How To Do Split Testing Conclusion

These are some of the most important parts of your emails which needs to be split tested. Split testing is extremely important because your subscribers will have their own approach towards you and identifying their needs & demands is the most important thing for you.

Results will always vary from individual to individuals. You can use some tool to split test your emails. Check with your email autoresponder if they provide split testing feature or else you will have to do it manually.

Please share comments, concerns and queries and yes, share it on social networking sites if you found it useful.

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  2. Very nice post!
    I’ve been using the gmail filters and LOVE them! It is made my life much easier and recommend it to everyone that I talk with about email stuff.
    I always enjoy my readings on your site! Thanks again

  3. You’re not limited to testing just content variations. Sending the same content on different days of the week or at different times of day is another way to conduct split testing, for the purpose of determining when to send a new email newsletter. You could even send the same content to different segments of your database based on demographic or behavioral attributes (though this is moving from split testing into the realm of email segmentation tactics).

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