How To Get Response in Email Marketing

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how to get response in email marketingHave you tried your hands on email marketing?

If not, then you are already making a big mistake. Email marketing is one of the most important pillars of internet marketing. History is the biggest evidence that the real money making opportunities are generated by appropriate email marketing and not so much so, from other sources.

Reason is very simple; your subscribers are your loyal readers. They have already read your content and they understand & trust your command on the niche whereas visitors from other sources are random visitors who may or may not end purchasing from you. Quality of your visitors coming from your email subscriber list is superior to those coming randomly from search engines or social networking sites.

Therefore, it is better to drive your email marketing campaign in that direction.

Now if you have been in email marketing for some time now then you have taken the first step but then you need to ask yourself, is it working?

Are your getting responses in email marketing?

If you are suffering from low open rate or click rate then you need to redesign your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is all about having good series of follow up mails and then timely newsletters which deliver latest happenings of your blog in their inbox.

So in order to get response in email marketing, you need to target your emails and additional factors which may affect your campaign and its results.

How To Start with Email Marketing?

Collecting emails is the first step in your email marketing campaign. So you need to place opt-in forms at various locations in your blog or website to collect emails. You should also use Facebook fan page to collect emails. If you are using GetResponse or Aweber, then you can use their Facebook Apps to add a tab in your Facebook fan page to collect emails. But putting generic email opt-in forms is not a great idea. In fact, putting form is required where you can’t do much like your posts and sidebars, but ideal way to collect emails is by creating landing pages.

Now there are multiple ways of creating landing which will include;

  • WordPress premium plugins like Premise and Instabuilder
  • GetResponse’s free landing page creator for GetResponse users.

If you don’t want to put any landing page for your blog then you might contemplate creating squeeze pages for your Facebook fan page. You may use FacebookAppsninja plugin to create Facebook Squeeze page.

So now we are clear with email opt-in forms and landing pages.

You came across GetResponse and Aweber in the above response. They are one of the best email autoresponder services available in the market.

Email autoresponders are the Email Marketing Software which automatically triggers email delivery based upon the parameters and the triggers defined by you.

It works at the backend. So when a user subscribe to your newsletter using a optin form at your blog, email autoresponder will automatically send them a mail asking them to confirm their subscription. Once they confirm, they will redirect them to the page you specify or deliver another mail.

In email marketing, you need to send emails at a regular interval to your subscribers; it is not possible to do it manually using any free email service. So you need to use to email autoresponder.

GetResponse is cheaper and also provide additional features like create surveys and landing page etc. GetResponse is the most advance email autoresponder with its new feature email marketing automated which can deliver emails based upon a particular response of your subscriber to the last email sent to him.

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So now you have your email marketing kit ready and you need to look into the points which are going to dominate the next phase and that is, creating emails and engagement with your subscribers.

Email Marketing Tips to Get Response from your subscribers

  • Use attractive and clean layout for your emails.
  • Use attractive subjects lines. Make sure you don’t use deceptive subject lines or else your brand will be seriously impacted. So use honest and creative subject lines
  • Create a impressive series of follow up mails which are delivered after user has signed up for your newsletters.
  • You frequency should be optimum.
  • It could be daily or weekly. I think monthly is too long so select between daily or weekly.
  • For follow up emails, you should also select interval which doesn’t make it “too much”. So make sure that you don’t end up flooding your subscriber’s email inbox.
  • Content is the king and that holds true for emails also.
  • You should send emails based upon your user’s response. For example, if a user is not opening your email then you need to send them a different mail whereas those who are opening but not clicking, you need to handle them differently. Primary problem with such scenario was that no autoresponder was capable of making out this difference and marketers were sending out bulk emails expecting subscribers to open and click on them. Thankfully, GetResponse has come up with a solution which is email marketing automated where you can set separate triggers for separate action so it make it completely intuitive and increases your users response by dramatically.
  • You should also use segmentation to target your subscribers. If you are in internet marketing then you don’t need that as most of the subscribers are sharing common interest but for other businesses, separate age group may react differently to a common trigger. So in order to capture that, you need to have segmentation for different users. You can do that with modern email autoresponder like GetResponse.
  • Use time travel—timing your email delivery is a great ways of optimizing result for your email marketing campaign. GetResponse can deliver mails in same time in different time zone like 10:00 am in all time zones across globe.
  • You should use short codes like [firstname] to personalize your emails.


You need to understand that communication through email is communication which is happening among two people, so you need to reach out to your subscribers to make it work for you.

These are some of the most common email marketing tips to enhance your results. There could be other ways to improve your email marketing campaign but everything must be customized to suite your needs. Do share your question or comments and yes, do you mind sharing it?

Sharing is Caring
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