Best Poll Plugins for WordPress

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Best poll plugins for wordpressPolls are very good way of adding additional activity on your blog for user engagement and at times, you may prefer to use this functionality.  You may conduct polls on any subject based upon your niche. It can be used very well to increase the participation level of your users on your blog.

As far as wordpress users are concerned, there are many plugins which can help you in achieving this.

WordPress have plugins for literally everything and polls are not an exception.

You can use poll plugin for wordpress to insert polls anywhere in your blog including sidebars, posts, pages and across your blog.

I have compiled a short list of plugins which can be used to create polls in wordpress. Most of them are free so you don’t have to bother about cost.

Best Poll Plugins For WordPress

PollDaddy – polldaddy is one of the most popular poll plugin for wordpress. It comes in free as well as paid versions. Free version is enough for most of the bloggers. You can use Polldaddy to create surveys also.

Their paid version cost $200 and $899 per year.

You can also use it create quizzes. You need API key from polldaddy in order to use it. It is extremely easy to create polls using Polldaddy. Download WP-Polls.

WP-Polls – it is a free plugin and is fairly popular among bloggers for creating polls. As of last (2012-11-21), this plugin has been downloaded 1,230,128 times which goes out to show it’s popularity.

You can use ready to use templates to design your polls. It is easy to use and implement. Download WP-Polls.

Social Polls by OpinionStage – this is one of the most feature rich poll plugin for wordpress.  You can use it to integrate social sites in your poll. Users use their social profile to vote which further boost the viral marketing and get you additional traffic. So if you are thinking to create a poll, then you can give it a shot. You can use it create to attractive polls and easily integrate them in your blog. It also provides better reporting for your polls. Download WP-Polls.

SodaHead Polls – it is another popular wordpres poll plugin. You can include images and videos in your poll. You can customize size, color and background skins using sodahead polls.  Download Sodahead

WP Survey And Quiz Tool – it is also quite popular for creating polls, surveys and quizzes in wordpress. It is similar to other plugins mentioned here and is good for the purpose. Download WP Survey and Quiz Tool.

FacebookAppsNinja Plugin – if you are looking for a tool which can help you in creating polls and quizzes for your Facebook fan page. It is a wordpress plugin which can be used to create facebook fan page,  iframe apps, facebook games and webinar along with reveal fanpages. Your polls are not published in your wordpress blog. You access it from your wordpress blog and create & publish your apps directly on Facebook.

It is a premium plugin and extremely good for Facebook marketing.

You should also try your hand on Facebookappsninja as it can influence your Facebook marketing campaigns and drive traffic from Facebook to your blog which could be huge. Download Facebook Apps Ninja Plugin.

Best Poll Plugins For WordPress Summary

There are many other plugin which can be used to create polls and survey in your wordpress blog. Plugins mentioned here are efficient to create polls and surveys.  I will suggest trying them before finalizing anyone. You can play around with their features, templates and integration process & decide yourself. They can also be used as Survey Plugin for WordPress.

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Sharing is Caring
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  1. Colored Vote Polls is an amazing WordPress plugin to create questionnaire for surveys and polls in no time. If you are already having the set questions and set of answers, you can create and put the survey live in less than 5 minutes. Features of this plugin is well suited for people who wants to create a simple survey to collect the feedback and to analyze the data.

  2. hello akhilendra,
    just opened your blog because one of my friend referred me. you have some decent content to help blogging newbies and PROs. i have never used a poll plugin but i never knew that it existed, will give them a try when i have anything to do with them

  3. I’m using WP-Polls plugin – absolutely no problem with creating polls. Great plugin! (haven’t used others).

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