How to start investing in stocks

How to start investing in stocks is the first thing which will come to your mind when you think of making money in stock market. How to get started investing sounds like a complicated term for the beginners in stock market but with development of technology and flurry of brokers in the market, it has […]

Jeevan Sathi

Jeevan Sathi is an Endowment Assurance Plan from LIC and it is issued on the lives of husband and wife. Jeevan Sathi plan provides financial protection against death of both the lives. It pays the maturity amount on survival of one or both the lives to the end of the policy term. Premiums modes for […]

Child future plan from LIC

Child future plan from LIC is specially designed to meet the increasing educational, marriage and other needs of growing children. It provides the risk cover on the life of child not only during the policy term but also during the extended term (i.e. 7 years after the expiry of policy term). A number of Survival […]

Tax Saving Schemes in India

As December is coming close, salaried people are gearing up for tax saving and looking for tax saving schemes. In some time, we all will be filing our tax declaration form in our companies and self employed will start preparing for income tax filing. Tax saving is a important ritual of this part of year. […]

Infrastructure Bonds in India

Infrastructure Bonds in India came into lime light in February 2010 when finance minister Pranab Mukherji proposed the inclusion of long term infrastructure bond in tax saving elements upto the limit of Rs 20000. India business news was filled with this news, it was a big indian economy news. Indian growth story depends upon infrastructure. This came as a […]

Adding another chapter in Indian Life Insurance Industry

With the recent changes in ULIP guidelines, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has suddenly put a break to the wild sale of ULIPs by life insurance companies and added a new chapter in the Life Insurance Industry history. Ever since of ULIPs were introduced in Indian market, they were the favorite of the companies and […]