Business analysis & Scrum agile with JIRA & Confluence

Business analysis & Scrum agile course with JIRA and Confluence- CurriculumWe will follow a very disciplined approach where I will start with business analysis, taking you through everything which you need to know for business analysis and then I will get into scrum. Reason is there are lot of companies still using waterfall which is […]

How to become a great Scrum Master? Skills-Roles & Responsibilities

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Revealed! tactics to become Scrum master with complete scrum and business analysis course click here to reserve your spot! Webinar hosts John Doe What you’ll discover in the course1Complete business analysis with requirement management, BRD etc.2Complete scrum agile with burndown chart, backlog etc.3Projects with tools like JIRA and guided mentorship to help […]