Business analysis & Scrum agile with JIRA & Confluence

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Business analysis & Scrum agile course with JIRA and Confluence- Curriculum

We will follow a very disciplined approach where I will start with business analysis, taking you through everything which you need to know for business analysis and then I will get into scrum. Reason is there are lot of companies still using waterfall which is the traditional approach of building software so if I just start with scrum, you will get confused.

I have received many reviews for the course and just to give you few examples, i am putting few screen shots here. ;

business analysis course

Adrijana AtanasovaBusiness System Analyst at Allocate Software

Achievement Unlocked!
I enjoy the value that this course has brought to my BA knowledge as well as in my actual work and projects!
Thank you Akhilendra pratap Singh for providing all the resources and mentoring this course!
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business analysis & scrum online course

avishek-patra/ // Scrum master ust global

After PMP Certification, was looking for a mentor who can actually guide me, refine me with the requirements of the present post covid Industry demand and actually help me in understanding with the skills sets which I can master easily. After mastering PMP, Agile was in my mind. Basically PSM, Disciplined Agilist. Akhilendra came in and gave the much needed confidence, basic understanding, the knowledge and the foundation which has helped me to realise my true potential."

scrum master training

Zikhona Mangcunyana // IT Consultant

For the ins and outs of Business Analysis and Scrum, I really recommend this course. It gives you great insight as well working tools and real life examples to work through.

Akhilendra Singh CSPO PSM I

LEAD2 Consulting # #lead2consulting

Click here to download the curriculum

Let me walk you the curriculum (you can download it using the above button), as you can see here, we will start with fundamentals of business analysis and then we will take it to next level and address BA planning and monitoring. You have quizzes after each of these sections to test your knowledge.

After BA planning and monitoring, we will cover requirement elicitation and how to plan for it. I will also cover most common and popular requirement elicitation techniques in this section.

After you have elicited requirements, you need to validate them, therefore we will talk about properties of a good requirement and how to create good ones.

Business analysis is all about enabling your organization to make changes and add value.

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After talking about requirements, there will be a assignment for you to create a Business requirement document-BRD. Don’t worry, I have also added a solution video here where I have covered everything. You will be able to download this template and use it for your work.

This is a industry standard template and nobody can point out any problems here. As you can see this BRD has got everything which is needed in a BRD starting from stakeholders, version history, all kind of requirements, challenges, and assumption etc.

This BRD itself is a great achievement if you can build something like this.

Experienced professionals can tell you that it takes them years to reach this level.

business requirement document

After this, I have bonus content which include.

  • Resume/CV for Business analyst, Product owners and Scrum masters
  • How to prepare for CBAP
  • Use case and scenarios
  • Wireframe technique
  • Useful tips to get BA job and do well

After this, we will start with scrum, this section has got you covered on scrum. You have everything here minus garbage. So, it’s a laser targeted section where I have talked about all the roles like product owner, scrum master, team etc.

You will learn about all the ceremonies and what is their role in scrum. This is crucial for those who are looking to become product owner or scrum master.

You will be creating your own product backlog, burndown chart etc. so this is going to be a booster for product owners and scrum master.

Today most of the business analysts either work in scrum team creating user stories or end up becoming a product owner or scrum master. So, if you are a BA or trying to become one, this section is going to open many doors for you as far as your career progression is concerned.

After covering scrum in detail, you will go through a case study where you will learn about a project implementation in real world scenario.

This case study will start with the project beginning and ends with project conclusion.

This will give an insight on how project operates in real world.

In this case study, you will learn how to work and handle your responsibilities if you are working as scrum master or product owner.

Whether you are a fresher or working professional, finding an appropriate job is one of the biggest challenges for you.

In these 2 videos I will cover how to build your profile on major job search sites in a way where job comes to you instead of you wasting time chasing them.

If you build your profile right on these job portals, HRs will call you based on the information you have provided in these job portals. I will guide you how to achieve this.

Now at this stage, I have added another bonus section on product management. As product management is closely related to business analysis and one of the most sought-after skill in technology world today, I have added this section to expose you to the world of product management.

This is one of the best career options for business analysts, product owners and scrum masters.

This will prepare you for your next iteration. You will have better knowledge about your career option. Off course product management is a domain, so you can explore it further if interested. If you have any question about it, let me know I will guide you how to approach it.

And as I have mentioned earlier that I have followed a very disciplined approach in this business analysis and scrum course.

If I introduce everything in one shot, it will be hard for you to comprehend and understand the concepts. We have already covered BRD (business requirement documents) and had a case study on software development with scrum.

But now we are going to take this to next level, and we will start using JIRA and confluence for;

Business analysis and scrum agile with jira & Confluence for


  • Setting up projects
  • Create a backlog with user stories
  • Create a roadmap
  • Starting and completing sprints
  • How to create custom work items in JIRA
  • Hierarchy of various work items in JIRA in user stories, epics, tasks and features

And a lot more

Business analysis and Scrum agile with JIRA & Confluence-Conclusion

Final section will give you complete hands-on experience and even if you don’t have any experience in business analysis, scrum or JIRA, you will feel confident to work as business analysts, product owner or scrum master.

business analysis and scrum agile course with JIRA and confluence

In this business analysis and scrum agile course, I am trying to build a polished professional. So there are no shortcuts and you will be required to put lot of efforts to learn, practice and master these concepts.

I am always there if you have any question or need help with any job related or interview related issue.

If you have any question about this course, feel free to use got questions chatbot in the right-hand corner of this page/site or mail me at [email protected].

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