Benefits of Using WordPress Premium Plugins

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WordPress Premium Plugins are the best way to design and develop your wordpress blog. WordPress is a powerful content management system on its own but you need additional features and enhancements to further customize it to suite your need. Plugins are the best way to expand your wordpress blog.

WordPress premium plugins comes with lots of features and support which you may not get with free plugins.

But before we further dive into the best wordpress premium plugins, lets understand why you need plugins and what all can you achieve with free and paid plugins.

So, wordpress plugin use includes;

  • Adding social share button to your blog
  • Mailing your registered users
  • Facebook and other social networking connectivity features
  • Email subscription plugin
  • WordPress cache plugin
  • Prevent copy plugin
  • Subscribe to comment plugin
  • WordPress comment plugin
  • Announcement plugin
  • Auto excerpts plugins
  • WordPress keyword plugins
  • Review plugin
  • WordPress plugin for automatic generation of tags
  • Anti-spam wordpress plugins
  • Adsense integration wordpress plugin
  • User profile plugins

And probably a billion other plugins for literally everything on earth.

There are types of wordpress plugins available;

  1. WordPress free plugins
  2. WordPress premium plugins

WordPress free plugins

WordPress free plugins are available in the freely in the wordpress plugin directory. These plugins are developed by variety of developers and for variety of purposes. There are many established developers who offer free version with less feature of a wordpress premium plugins like commentluv.

These are promotional activities which help them in creating brand awareness and convincing customers to purchase their premium wordpress plugins by showing them the benefits of that plugin.

There are many developers who sell some affiliated activity and to promote that they may create a related or unrelated wordpress plugins like various wordpress cache plugins where some of them are in the business of CDN.

But most of the wordpress free plugins are developed by amateur developers and in fact, many stop them upgrading and supporting their plugins after a while.

WordPress Premium Plugins

WordPress premium plugins are developed by those developers who aim to establish their wordpress plugin business. There are many developers who do that. Some of them fail to take off and if you purchase their wordpress premium plugins then you end up wasting your money.

They also stop upgrades and support.

But there are few wordpress premium plugins which are really good in services and support. They are able to survive the test of time.

Opting for premium wordpress plugins could be a good idea because there are certain features and parts of your blog which are critical for its success and compromising on it may cost you more.

wordpress premium plugins

So let’s go through some of the best wordpress premium plugins;


Commentluv is a must wordpress premium plugin for your blog. It encourages your blog visitors to comment upon it by offering them great incentives and exposure. Most of the blogs lack comments and it has been observed that blog with commentluv are more active than blogs without commentluv especially newer blogs or blogs without much of engagement.

Engagement is critical for any blog and if you don’t take correct steps in this direction then you may be late in the game.

There are many blogs in the world and unless until you take initiatives to create a community around it, chances are your blog will also end up like most of the other blogs.

So if you are serious about blogging and aiming to make it big in blog, then this is the first wordpress premium plugin which you should grab. Click Here to know more about it


If you are blogging then probably you are aware of the significance of SEO. There are two parts of the entire exercise;

  1. Back links for your blog
  2. On page optimization

On page optimization is critical for the success of your blog. You may get a free plugin to do that but they are simply off the track and it doesn’t serve any purpose to have them so go for SEOPressor.

SEOPressor is a wordpress premium plugin meant to do on page optimization for each blog post. it will use a method which is used by search engines to determine the quality of your post and it’s structure. Based upon its analysis, it will not only tell you about the problems in your post but also provide solutions to rectify those issues.

SEOPressor is used by thousands of successful bloggers.

Today even if you have lots of back links, if on page optimization is poor then you should not expect to get good traffic. So poor on page optimization mean poor traffic.

Traffic is like oxygen for a blog. And as you know we cannot survive without oxygen, similarly blogs cannot survive without traffic.

So, you should start working on your on page optimization with or without SEOPressor. Know more about SEOPressor

WPSubscribers Plugin for Email Opt-in Forms

This plugin is meant for you if you are aiming to make big bucks with your blog. WPSubscribers plugin is used for email marketing. It offers great features to customize and design your email opt-in form for your blog.

It is much easier to get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters and emails with the help of attractive and user friendly opt-in forms.

You cannot expect to create an online business without email marketing. So it is important for you start working in this direction because it will take some time to build a good list.

So better start early so that you don’t miss the train. Click here to go to WPSubscribers

WP4FB WordPress premium plugin for facebook

Before you think about this plugin, let me tell you that ideally you should first have other plugins mentioned earlier in the post. This plugin is for those wordpress users who are serious about social media marketing and want to use facebook to promote their product, service or blog.

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world and you should not ignore this. If you are looking to take your facebook marketing to next level then you need ability to create attractive fan page.

Fan pages can help you in going viral. It just requires few likes to start on Facebook but getting those few likes may take ages. Having a plugin which can help you in designing attractive fan pages quickly can be real boost for your blog. But as mentioned earlier, this is secondary, primary plugins are the first three plugins mentioned in the list.

WP4FB plugin enable you to create awesome looking fan pages from your wordpress blog itself. Interested, click here.

WordPress Premium Plugins cannot guarantee your success but if you are determined then you can definitely use them to boost your blog. WordPress Premium Plugins also offer great bonuses which often are very good additional tools for your blog.

If you are already running a successful blog, then probably you are already using some of them. Why don’t you share your experience with us?

And if you are new to blogging & have any question, you can leave it for us to answer that.

Sharing is Caring
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