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Search marketing or search engine marketing is the subset of internet marketing which involves using search engines like Google to promote your business. In order to do Search marketing, you need to do search engine optimization to rank high on search engines to successfully promote your business or blog.

Search engine optimization is one of the most talked about concept in search marketing or ever since search engines dominated the online world. So what is SEO?

Process of search engine optimization is known as SEO. It Helps you in getting organic traffic from search engines.

Whether you are small business or bloggers, SEO marketing is the only way to sustainable growth for your blog or business.

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SEO Marketing For Blogs

We will be going through the SEO Marketing for small businesses and bloggers who use WordPress to manage their blog and websites. I have been using wordpress for a long time now and it is widely used by bloggers and business houses to manage their website.

SEO Marketing – Blog SEO

You can use wordpress to create any kind of websites. From personal blog to fully-fledged online store, it is extremely easy to use and customize. This is the primary reason why wordpress is so popular among bloggers and businesses.

WordPress comes very handy when it comes to optimize your blog and website.

With the help of SEO plugins and themes, you can easily cross most part of the hurdle. Google and Bing are the biggest search engines along with good share of Yahoo, ask etc.

There is a difference in their search algorithm so you will notice a different in results for same query on both these search engines. As Google is the biggest and cover most part of the search market, most of us focus on that. As far as basics of search marketing are concerned, they remain same with few tricks being different for Bing and Yahoo.

Let’s go through some of the most important tips and tricks of SEO Marketing for blogs. These tips and tricks are tailored towards Google, but if you can get them right. They will help you on Bing, as well.

Back links – backlinks are considered as referral by search engines. More you have, better you are. But then it was widely abused by bloggers and webmasters where people targeted everything and anything for link building. So Google updated their search algorithm to penalize low quality backlinks. Now backlinks only coming from quality sites with appropriate anchor texts contribute to SEO. Therefore you should focus on creating quality backlinks to your blog. You can use guest posts and blog commenting to acquire good quality links to your site.

Fresh and high quality content – content is the king. You need to create high quality and fresh content regularly. It’s like a shop, if it is empty or filled with staled content, you are not going to shop there. So you need to focus on creating high quality content regularly and update your blog. You need to make sure that it is unique, at least in terms of language. You should clearly focus on its text, readability and how content is presented to your users and search engines. You need to focus on both, search engines/SEO and readers.

In order to do that successfully, you can use premium themes like Studiopress, Thesis or plugins like SEOpressor which allow you to write custom title, description and keywords for search engines. If you do that, search engines will get different content to read for same post whereas your readers will get different content.

While writing content for your blog, you need to look after following factors in order to get high ranking for your blog posts;

  • H1, h2, h3 tags.
  • Keywords in bold, italics
  • Keyword in URL
  • Keyword density
  • Images with alt tags
  • Internal links
  • External links to some well known site like Google, Facebook etc.
  • You should also monitor your posts for over optimization which will eventually make your posts fake to search engines which will be regressive for your posts and blog.
  • Use of LSI keywords in your posts.
  • You should target multiple keywords.


These are additional factors which are part of on page optimization of your blog SEO. You can do that manually though it is tough to ensure the correct optimization level and may result in over-optimization. Slight variation in your text can make or break your blog seo. Therefore it is better to use tools to do that. I use SEOpressor plugin to do that. You can use any plugin of your choice to ensure that your blog satisfy the above mentioned points.

Additional on page SEO – there are additional parameters other than the ones mentioned above. These are;

  • Rich snippets or structured data – rich snippets contribute significantly to your rankings on Google. You can test your posts in Google Webmaster’s structured data section for rich snippets. If it is working fine then it’s ok or else, you should try to fix it. SEOpressor does have this features, It’s fine for me but make sure that your blog posts does have structured data and rich snippets in particular.
  • Dublin Score and Social SEO – since the launch of Goolge+, authorship has become one of the important factors for ranking on Goolge. There are many plugins which can help in achieving that. You need to add the URL of your Google+ profile in your profile so that Google is able to identify you as the author. Like all other factors, seopressor has taken care of Google authorship for me.  Similarly, you can enhance your on page optimization level by incorporating facebook opengraph and twitter card into your blog posts. These are very important part of your Blog SEO and you must do it in order to gain higher rankings.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media has become a part of our life today in current world. And if someone is so important, it has to be an important factor in business also. Therefore social media marketing has become a very important part of SEO. Social signals like Google authorship, number of tweets and facebook likes have become one of the most important factors in search marketing. You should place social sharing buttons on your blog to make your content sharable. At the same time, you should encourage your visitors to encourage your visitors to share your content. You can offer some incentive to do that. Commentluv premium is a very good plugin to do that.

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Page Speed — You should use good themes like Studiopress so that your blog’s page speed is not slow. Page speed is extremely important in today’s SEO as it has a direct impact on your user experience and Google is very particular about delivering quality results to it’s users. You should also use good quality of plugins which doesn’t impact your page speed.

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Search Marketing in Brief

Search marketing or search engine optimization is getting easier and tougher with the time. There are more factors involved now and you are supposed to take care of all of them. At the same time, with variety of economical tools available in market, your job has become easier now.

With the emergence of social networking sites, factors like Dublin score, Facebook opengraph tags or twitter card, have become extremely important in SEO. Therefore you should focus on social signal also.

Today search engine optimization is more about your blog and website’s content, it’s layout and cleanness and less about links, so focus on creating a clean blog which is easy to read and navigate.

These are some of the strategies which has worked for me, please share your experience on Search Marketing or SEO.

Also, please spread the word by sharing it on social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Sharing is Caring
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