Unlocking Data Analysis & Machine Learning with ChatGPT Code Interpreter: A Comprehensive Guide

 Are you someone who deals with lots of documents, could be word files, pdfs, excel or any other format? If yes, you might be looking for an easier and faster way of managing your documents. You might be looking for someone or something to summarize your documents or you could be a data analyst who, anyway, […]

Gradient descent optimizers- Stochastic gradient descent- RMSprop-Adam-Adagrad

Machine learning course Do you want to learn machine learning, click on the link below to get details. Click Here Now If you are working on deep learning model like convolutional neural network (CNN), you must have come across this line in your code.[Yourmodel].compile(loss=’categorical_crossentropy’, optimizer=’adam’,metrics=[‘accuracy’])[Yourmodel] in the above line is presenting your model.  Now most […]

What is Activation Function & Why you need it in Neural Networks

Machine learning & Data Science courseAre you interested in learning machine learning & data science? More than 15 projects, Code files included & 14 Days full money Refund guarantee. Limited time deal- Only $99 (6999 INR) Buy It Now! In order to build a deep neural network, you need to understand activation functions and how they […]

Artificial intelligence vs Machine learning vs Deep learning

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Do you want to switch to machine learning? If you are looking to switch your job and interested in machine learning & data science, i have a special offer for you. You can join my complete machine learning & data science course with R with 80% Discount.  Buy It Now! Data […]