Genesis 2.0 & Elevan40 Pro Theme- New Age Themes for Advance Bloggers

  If this is your first visit to then you might not be aware but if you have visited our site in the past, you might have noticed change in its design. I have upgraded to Genesis 2.0 and elevan40 pro theme. I have been using eleven40 theme from studiopress based on genesis framework […]

Lifestyle Theme Review From Studiopress Themes

In the overcrowded market of premium wordpress themes, studiopress themes are one bright star. Studiopress offer all kind of premium wordpress themes for literally all kind of blogs, personal and business websites. Lifestyle theme from studiopress is one such theme which is simply awesome. It could be used for personal blogs, affiliate marketing blog or […]

Best WordPress Related Post Plugins

Do you want to show related posts below each posts in your blog? Related posts helps a lot by displaying related posts based on categories and posts below your posts. They definitely help in increasing the retention of the visitors on your blog therefore reducing your bounce rates. You might be working hard on SEO […]

Commentluv Vs Disqus: Review of Best Comment System

Have you been trying to get comments on your blog? Or you just want to add some spice to your blog in order to increase the user experience. Comments serve all kind of purposes for a blogger. Comments help a blog by; Adding fresh content for SEO. Create a active and live community around your […]

10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes

WordPress magazine themes are extremely popular among bloggers looking to set up news and magazine wordpress blogs. Magazine blogs are extremely popular on variety of current topics and some of the most successful blogs in world are news and magazine based. Now you cannot compete with those blogs but unless you present your content in […]

Maxblogpress Stripe Ad Pro Review

Most of the bloggers and internet marketers fail to make any money from their blogs, forget about making any substantial money. One of the major reason for this is the primary approach where bloggers believe that just by setting up some generic blog, they can make money. If you want to make money from blogging, […]

Best WordPress Ad Management Plugins

WordPress is the most popular content management system among bloggers and small businesses. It is not only free and easy to use but also with the help of variety of plugins and themes, you can add variety of features to your blog. One of most primary objective behind blogging or setting up a website is […]

Best Poll Plugins for WordPress

Polls are very good way of adding additional activity on your blog for user engagement and at times, you may prefer to use this functionality.  You may conduct polls on any subject based upon your niche. It can be used very well to increase the participation level of your users on your blog. As far […]

5 Best Subscribe Plugin WordPress- Newsletters Empowered

Email marketing is imperative in internet marketing. Whether you are a blogger or small business, email marketing forms the basics of your promotional activities. SEO & SMM are cool and important but also, email marketing is critical. You cannot afford to ignore email marketing. You need to work on creating an email list of subscribers […]

How To Add Custom Navigation Menu in WordPress

Custom navigation menu were introduced by wordpress in version 3.0. Custom navigation menu are very useful in providing clear navigation to your visitors. You can easily display sub-categories in drop down menu, create new menu items and further customize it to make your blog more users friendly. WordPress Navigation Menu As per wordpress, navigation menu […]

Meta tags Explained- NoIndex Nofollow Tags, Archives

There is lot of confusion which surrounds the entire concept of Noindex Nofollow Meta Tag, archives or other archive pages based on author, date and month. There is also No Index vs Nofollow debate. Meta tags for robots have been in the practices for long time now but even then, most of the bloggers and webmasters […]

What is CDN and Why To Use it with WordPress

Before we get into CDN and all of that stuff, let me ask you; What is your tolerance level for a slow loading site? For how long you can wait before it completely loads? Do you like slow sites? I am sure you don’t prefer to wait for longer for anything and a website would […]

How to Customize WordPress Blog

WordPress is the most popular content management system among bloggers and small businesses. Millions of people use wordpress to run blog, websites and ecommerce sites. WordPress is so popular because it’s available for free and easy to install and setup. Now that’s a good part about wordpress but also, the bad one. As it is […]